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Could this be gerd? Chest pain 2 inches above xyphoid process. Very localized

5foot 4 inches 46 year old female, 135 lbs. Non smoker, moderate alcool consumtion, no history of heart disease in family ( mother had stroke but heavy smoker, diabetis, drinker, overweight).
This started quite a while ago, had same symptoms before (maybe a year or so ago) but they rarely appear.
I get pain in the middle of my chest, lower rib cage, appx 2 inches above the xyphoid process. Pain in moderate and very localized. It appears for no apparent reason and leave within minutes and may reapear.
No other discomfort, no sweating, no shortness of breath, nothing, never any pain on exertion. I jog and never had problems.
Very random. I exercise imoderate to intense levels, i consider myself an athlete, jog, cycle, weight training, kayak in other words, very active. My diet is good, low fat, high fibre. Had high (very high) cholesterol levels 3 years ago but brought them down with weight loss and diet.
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  Hi u may have what is known as silent reflux...u do not always feel the symptoms...generally no heartburn, but the throat issue is a pretty good indication...u should contact ur Dr and discuss this.

The weight loss alone can cause reflux....ne change in weight can ...

  Please look at the tips for those with reflux to help with this until u see the Dr...such as elevate the head of ur bed and allow gravity to help  keep acids down where they belong.....

  Just bcuz u do not feel the reflux or taste it does not mean it isn't there.

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I should also add that for the last 2 years, i sometimes wake up with by throat burning, feels like my throat is on fire. I don't recall feeling any reflux or bad taste in my mouth tho.
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