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Diarrhea, lower stomach pain, stomach gurgling, stomach pain

Hey all. First of thanks. But here is what's going on:

On October 16th (about 2 Fridays ago), I woke up early one morning for work. I was under a lot of stress because it was my first time driving passengers on the bus. I had an early start, woke up at 5:30AM had Green Magma (some kind of green powder that regulates good health), and 30 minutes later, I had some cereal and and low fat milk. The entire day, my lower stomach started to gurgle and I felt like I needed to GO bad.. and then for some reason, I just kept it in the whole day! So it got bad, I got home that day from being awake for 13 hours and came back with a fat headache, decided to lie down and it turned into a migrane.

Then I started getting chills, sweating, getting cold when it's hot, then cold then hot again. Then it happened. I heated up some Del Taco soft chicken tacos and ate and thats when my diarrhea started. My stomach, felt like ****.. I kept hunching over the toilet every 5 minutes. I would sit with the heater on hunched over in pain, stomach just kept gurgling and I would just rub it to make it feel better. The bowel is flakey, fluid, and sometimes thick clogs. And this kept happening. I was on the verge of feeling better, went home, and everything kinda felt ok. Then I went back to school in my apartment and it happened again. I would sit, go, stand up after I wipe, then my stomach acts up again.

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks, and my stomach is still acting up, not as bad, but still diarrhea-ing. I kept my diet to a toast, dry cereal, bananas, and am reluctant to try yogurt. I've also developed the cough, runny nose, severe congestion, and just sleeping in bed for 12+ hours straight and putting my room to about 90 degrees until I'm fairly warm. Can someone help me diagnose this problem? I don't want to go back to Davis in pain. I've also lost a lot of weight.
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This could be due to  gut infection.
Have a stool test done for confirmation.
Appropriate antibiotics are to be taken for getting rid of infection.
Probiotics/yogurt would be beneficial.
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