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My husband was on nexium and seemed to do well. Due to insurance issues, he had to change to generic Prilosec.  For the past two months his stools is very loose with a lot of mucous. Could it be the Prilosec?
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It could be HPylori bacteria, he needs to see a Gastroenterologist and get a test for it, Prilosec and Acid prohibitors like it, supress the HPylori bacteria's symptoms and make cause a false negative for the bacteria. He has to stop taking any acid medication for ten days prior to the blood or stool sample, which ever test the Gastro does. If the test comes out positive, he will be on very strong antibiotics for a ten day period, it is a must that he begin taking a Good "Probiotc" before the treatment begins, the strong antibiotic will kill the good stomache bacteria along with the bad, thus causing more digestive issues from the treatment. Good antibiotics with high counts like "Jarrow Brand" can be found at health food stores and vitamin centers, the higher the bacteria count, the better he can even begin taking them now and it improves digestion and stableizes the BM. They are good for you so you have no worry about taking them daily. Best Regards FTB4
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