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Dizzy Spells and symptoms related to GERD?

Hello Everybody,

About a month ago I was sitting on my bed side because I felt unusual to say.. Off balance to add a bit more detail. Then as I was sitting I had a quick 1 second flash of a dizzy spell. It felt like I was hot, dizzy and about to faint all in one which made my heart race quickly. At first I thought it was a heart attack, so I stood up fast (very bad decision) and then for about 7 seconds the dizziness kicked in and lost consciousness and fainted for a few seconds. I was taken to the ER. They did a blood test and checked my heart beat and said everything was fine and being dehydrated caused these symptoms. So they ended off with connecting me to a IV tube.

The next day Ive been drinking plenty of water and still had a few dizzy spells and just sat them out. For a week after that day the dizzy spells went away.

Then once that week ended the dizzy spells came back! I remember I had this weird taste in my mouth like blood or something. And it was the same taste I had when I had the first dizzy spell, so I knew it was happening all over again. But for the past 2 weeks I've been having the same dizzy spells but now with other systems. I always feel lightheaded or spaced out. I have heartburn regularly everyday. I've been taking gaviscon for that, but works a few hours then comes back. I've been feeling nauseous and having abdominal pain which causes me to throw up here and there. And also shortness of breath. I'm pretty active so it's hard to understand how going up 6 staircases makes me feel so winded. Also being anxious does not help when having these symptoms.

I've had blood and urine tests done and blood pressure checked which came back negative. The first doctor I've seen said it could be depression which I honestly doubt.. Maybe depression now since I'm going through these symptoms. But for the week I was better and all before that I was a happy person. The 2nd doctor I've mention GERD to him, but he said he doesn't think is causing me to be lightheaded and dizziness to occur (but read online that people have had these similar symptoms experiencing GERD, and GERD has different symptoms on different people) it came to mind it could be vertigo but both doctors checked my ears and said everything was fine.

At this point I'm so confused on where to move from here. I was thinking about having an endoscopy test done and other tests that I came across that people with similar symptoms, and found the problem of their symptoms. The situation just seems helpless. If anyone has similar symptoms or have recommendations on what tests to have done or what could be causing these symptoms, PLEASE share.

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I am bumping up your post in hopes someone has some info to share with you.
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My daughter (when she was 17) had similar symptoms and after 8 days in the hospital they found out her gallbladder was not working properly, causing similar symptoms to yours, even though all tests were normal.  She also had GERD often (which looking back was assoc with the gallbladder issues).  In her case she had a Hida Scan in the hospital and turned out it was only functioning 4% so they removed it and she's been fine ever since.  They saw her nearly faint in the hospital and did full workup inc. doppler ultrasounds of heart, etc. and all was 100% normal.  Just an off the wall thought to share with you in case you aren't able to get any answers.

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Hi there!
Several things at same time confusing to your doctors:
GERD doesn't cause dizziness and gaviscon is not how to treat it....
You need an endoscopy to make sure you don't have an ulcer or something else (UNLIKELY!) making you throw up, get dehydrated and then dizzy....
I am forced to mention this even tho the likelihood is super rare-dizziness is a cardiac arrhythmia until ruled out so just have GI doc you need to see run an EKG.....along with labs for dehydration and include magnesium....and if you are NOT repeatedly dehydrated which it sounds as if you are THEN you need a "holter monitor"-don't freak/would be rare-have doctor confirm you have a normal "P-R interval".
Because this is all pretty scary I think you might,on top of whatever MINOR MINOR CAN BE FIXED is wrong,you might also be having panic attacks and that just confuses everyone.    
So here's what you do:
1. Get pharma grade digestive enzymes +betaine like what I give and take that for your GERD
2. SEE GI M.D.
3. Breathe deeply and relax
4. If nothing turns up with GI doc then get a Holter monitor with a cardiologist,again think this is highly unlikely and do NOT get nervous!
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For over 3 1/2 years (since I had my daughter) I have dealt with a range of symptoms : brain fog, feeling "off", feeling dizzy, feeling like im gonna pass out (eyes are dilated when this happens), heart palpitations, tingling, numbness, shaking, cold, night sweats, leg cramps, belching. I was scared to be alone with my infant daughter, thought I would pass out! I noticed my symptoms would ease after a bowel movement (in which my head would tingle every time).   Been to ER numerous times...told every doctor same symptoms. ....had CT, MRI, bloodwork, heart monitor, endoscopy, Hpylori test, SIBO test, celiac test, tried Nexium, tried gluten free diet...all negative and still sick.  I swore my doc thought i was crazy so i researched myself. ..and thank God I found a forum where this guy thought he was allergic to corn from the time it entered his body til the time it left his body he was sick. I called my doc asked for a food allergy test and thank the good Lord I have my answer!  I am  allergic to SOY!! Pregnancy changed my food allergies because I was not allergic before.  It is very hard to avoid because soy is in everything but I have not had symptoms since I have been avoiding soy!! I definitely know if I slip up and eat something with soy!! I hope my post helps at least one person because those symptoms are truly debilitating! It was the post of another that gave me my life back!  God Bless!!
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