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Does anyone else have these issues

Hello I’m a 53 yr old male .
I work a full time job average 60 hrs a week
Very busy schedule , so my diet isn’t exactly the greatest let’s say
I have a combination of Ibs / Gerd it runs in my family , I was put in 40mil
Omeprozole last year , some of the side effects I have noticed are the following
1. Tiredness
2. Sore throat
3. Fly like symptoms
4. Dry scratchy throat in the morning
5. Dry cough ( sometimes )
6. Headaches
7. Upset stomach ..( sometimes )
8. Often feel like I have a lump in my throat
Like phlegm or something stuck which is very aggravating ( sometimes ) happens on and off ...
Note : no swallowing issues at all
9. Constant throat clearing
10. also noticed a sudden change in my
Let’s say my Sexual habits .
Other then this I’m in pretty good shape for my age and work habits .
Based on my yearly physicals
So what I did was I stopped taking the Meds for a week just to see what would happen and noticed that some the things I was feeling went away in about 2-3 days after stopping the med , but I had to start again
Because the heartburn and Gerd symptoms returned . I’m wonder could 40mil be way to much for me ,, and do others expierence these types of aggravating side effects ?
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