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Does this sound like GERDS or something else?

I'm 22 years old and for the last year and a half I've been suffering with a sensation in my mouth. It feels like I have hair stuck on my tongue and like I have something stuck back where my lingual papilla are. The feeling switches sides. Sometimes I can feel it all the way to the tip of my tongue as though there were a few strands of hair pulled tight in place against my tongue. Other times it feels like a needle is jabbed between the back of my tongue and the roof of mouth and it's quite painful. Most of the time it feels like a popcorn kernel is stuck there or something larger. Talking a lot makes it worse but nothing really makes it better apart from chewing and swallowing food but immediately once I have swallowed the sensation returns. It seems like dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream along with any kind of sweet food, like jam on toast, makes it much worse. The only time I don't feel this sensation is when I'm asleep. The onset was quite sudden, I was brushing my teeth and when I laid down to go to sleep I thought I had dog fur in the back of my mouth. Since then I've been to countless doctors who have suggested that I have acid reflux and post nasal drip. One of my doctors suggested I have a brain tumor, but I have no symptoms of a brain tumor and my insurance did not allow for an MRI. I have no symptoms of GERDS apart from occasional heart burn. The heart burn lasts maybe an hour or two and occurs maybe once a month. I've taken five to six different kinds of medication to treat GERDS including Ranitidine and Omeprazole. If I took the Omeprazole at night by the morning my mouth sensation was even worse so I only took the pills during the day however none of them made any difference. Right now I'm using Neilmed Sinus Rinse twice a day and two puffs of Nasacort in each nostril twice a day. This also doesn't seem to really be doing anything. My ENT performed a rigid laryngoscopy and said my throat was white and bumpy. I never feel like I have a pill stuck in my throat, it's entirely in my mouth. My ENT also said that my papilla are all normal and that my mouth looks healthy. I have been told by two different ENTs that I do not have any form of visible cancer in my mouth/throat. This sensation is making it very difficult to lead a normal life as sometimes it hurts so much that I don't want to talk and many times I can barely wait to go to sleep just to get a few hours of relief. I've been gaining weight because eating seems to be the only thing to provide just a few second of normality. Even brushing my teeth is a very painful chore as the sensation turns from awful annoyance into a dull stabbing pain that radiates up into my ears. I have my tonsils removed and about nine months ago I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out. I am a moderate smoker (half a pack a day) and I rarely drink alcohol.  I had an allergy test twice using a 50 allergen panel and my only allergy is to cats. I don't have a cat nor do I interact with any on a regular basis. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be?
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one thing is acid reflux and gerd are not different , more production of acid leads to gerd , no doctor in the world says that you have gerd because they were not sure whether the patient is aware of that term or not. untill the patient asks about it . and yea gerd may effects to the mouth and throat also , in some cases it creates a lump in throat which never goes for a while , the only possible way to know about your acid level go for a upper endoscopy test , untill then drink plenty of water and keep far from spicy and fatty foods

good luck and all the best
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