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Does this sound like an ulcer??

My son, who's 23, texted me that he thinks he has an ulcer. I asked why and he said he has been sneezing (from his mouth) blood, burping up blood and has BM's with blood streaks...
He's many states away and his Dad (who he lives with) is telling him it sounds like an ulcer. He said the gagging and burping up blood happens anytime he eats or drinks something. I don't know what his daily habits are, since I'm not there, but I know he does drink. And he's trying to quit smoking by using a vape pen. Please help me to know if I should insist he go to the doctor, He has no insurance so he would need to know it sounds serious. Thank you.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Netime someone brings up blood they should be seen., When it comes to the stool, they would be dark almost black and very tarry if there was a bleed....if there is red blood in/on the stool that could indicate a fisher or hemorid that broke....

Ur DS should be seen by a Dr to see what is going on....ne thing that lasts 3 or more days should be looked at.

Keep us posted on what u find out.
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