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Elevated Lipase/Amylase - is what is too high?

My son's father has been having abdominal pain for years. A colonoscopy revealed nothing, an endoscopy revealed polypoid mass in his upper stomach (biopsied normal - no cancer), along with hiatal hernia, and gastritis.  Been on stomach meds (Zantac & Carafate) for 1 mo now with not much relief of pain & tenderness.   Barium CT shows nothing, Ultrasound shows enlarged liver. Doc ran blood - Serum lipase came back 342 with a normal range of >59 and Serum Amylase came back 174 with a normal range of >134.  Grandfather passed of pancreatic cancer, so we're scared.  Don't have appointment with Dr. until 10/5 - can anyone give any advice?  Any doctor can clarify for me this 'high number'?  How high is too high?  
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