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Endoscopy shows inflammation of lower esophagus

My 7 year old son recently had an upper GI endoscopy to either rule out or confirm Celiac disease.  His blood test showed positive but endoscopy says negative, which is a relief.  However, gastroenterologist says he has inflammation of lower esophagus so has put on omeprazole for two months and will do another endoscopy in two months.  It confuses me because my son has never shown symptoms of reflux - can he have reflux and have no symptoms?  He also has regular blood tests for elevated TSH, could there be a link if it turns out to be EE
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Hey there :)

I have no clue about TSH, but from what I understand the celiac biopsy is the conclusive diagnostic test...

I never had symptoms of reflux, and my esophagus is (for lack of better terms) trashed. I have biopsies to check for Barrett's... apparently this has been a long-term deal. Silent reflux is what I have.

Good luck, I hope that everything looks good at the next one. I can't imagine taking my 6.5 year old for an upper endoscopy - you are one strong mommy.
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Hi, look he is the brave boy.  He has been hospitalised 3 times for grommets/adenoidectomy/nasal scrape - he is on his 3rd lot of grommets.  He has just been treated for ear infection - joy o joy - he is having his follow up endoscopy Thursday 27th January.  He is not looking forward to it because the aneasthetic was quite painful last time, they must have missed the vein, he complained about pain up his arm - poor little bugger.  He also has regular - 6 monthly blood tests for thyroid function.  Lab results just back show tsh still elevated - 6.04, ft3 6.5 and ft4 14.  Who knows, I just hope they can resolve at least the osophagus thing at the moment.  Like I said he never displayed symptoms of reflux but I suppose you never know.  Will let you know after the endoscopy.  It is hard for me because he doesn't take to anaesthetic very well, comes out of it a bit aggressive and grumpy but I can't imagine the stress he goes through.  Talk to you soon
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