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Esophagus Problem...

I am a 28 year old male. I am overweight, but I don't smoke and only drink occasionally. My diet isn't great, and I have been a regular tea and coffee drinker for years, but have recently cut it down significantly. In August 2009 I got myself into a panic health-wise and was told I had health anxiety and saw a counsellor for a couple of months. My anxiety improved, but the original reason I went to the doctors in August never seemed to disappear. The problem is as follows:

I have a constant feeling that something is wrong with my esophagus. Since August 2009 (that's over a year now) I've been feeling that food is moving slowly through the esophagus and that it gets to a point near the xiphoid area and hurts. It feels like that area is burnt. I do have acid reflux and have been put on Omeprazole daily. I tried a few months of Gaviscon too, but it didn't help. When I stop the Omeprazole for a couple of days, the reflux starts up again. Now, however, even though I'm taking Omeprazole, I am getting the stabbing pains in the xiphoid area (right in the middle, where the crease between chest and stomach is) and food very often hurts on its way down. Also, after say a pint of water, my throat feels very cold and when I burp, the water is coming back up into my mouth. A while after eating/drinking, I get a glugging type noise coming from my stomach/esophagus and up into my throat - it sounds like a tap dripping. Eventually it stops, but I'm always left with a fullness feeling in my chest/stomach. I also get really harsh jolts in my stomach - as though its rumbling but just one big pop, like a burp but in my stomach.

Obviously, I'm scared silly. I really think that there's some kind of blockage. I'm booked in for an endoscopy (gastroscopy) for November 1st, but that seems so far away. Please could someone help me? I'm obviously thinking esophageal cancer - very worried.

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Hi...meds alone can not help with ur issues....u need to take ur health matters into ur hands to aid the meds with diet, and lifestyle changes....

Weight, coffee and stress will continue to compound ur gerd issues......

Do look at the Health Pages for more info on foods to avoid and which r safe-

Please keep us updated
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You may have eosinophilic esophagitis (which I have), though it sounds like maybe there are some other issues too based on the symptoms.

This is an allergic reaction type disease, you can search the web and get lots of info.

I say you may have it because it makes swallowing food difficult, in my case, when it blocks up, I absolutely cannot swallow at all, until I regurgitate my food, and allow it to reopen.
The normal treatment is to use the flovent inhaler to get some steroids to the esophagus and reduce the allergic response..
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Your symptoms sound like mine other then I can't seem to get solid foods down without having an anxiety attack because it feels like the food passes slowly down my throat. I had a endoscopy done September first and the only thing he found was a mild case of esophagitis which he prescribed me carafate, however that did not resolve the issue of getting solid foods down and I continued to have these problems even after taking the carafate which is suppose to help with ulcers and esophagitis  but didn't. I finally went back to my Gastro dr pleading that somethings not right with my throat so he sceduled me for a esophageal motility test to see if I was having pressure when swallowing which I just had done and although I won't know until monday the dr that did the test got some high readings and even tried to get me to eat a cracker to help evaluate but I could not do it. Hopefully I will know monday and if the results come back normal then I have one more thing to check which will require a cat scan to confirm a dr's suggestion that he told me way back when I was in high school almost 25 years ago that he thought I might have a elongated styloid process also known as eagleclaw syndrone. Alot of the symptom I have fall in line with that because I have neck pains when I turn my neck and constant stiffness in my neck as well as facial stiffness it can also cause chest pains and anxiety. There are so many different types of throat illnesses that can duplicate your symptoms such as allergys, thyroid problems, gland problems the list goes on. Nothing drives a person more nuts then having both physical and mental pains from worrying about it, anxiety can bring you down and the best things I found to help me fight it is either take warm showers when I feel it coming on, drink chamomile tea with honey and to take deep breaths and exhale slowly ofcoarse I also pray to Jesus to ease my problems and that seems to work alot.  You might want to mention to your Gastro dr to have a esophageal motility test because your having problems with food going down and having a endoscopy done won't  show if your having pressure.  
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Thank you all for your very helpful comments. I am still awaiting that endoscopy, but feeling a little more relaxed about it. Sinusman, it's strange that you should mention elongated styloid process - about a year ago I went to the docs complaining of a strange hard, long lump near one of my tonsils. I mentioned the idea of eagleclaw, but they dismissed it without any more than a few prods with a finger. I have so many swallowing issues and neck mobility issues it's hard to count.

We'll see what happens...
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