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Ever tried an alkalinity diet?

Thanks for your answer, Selma, to my previous question.  Does anyone know if an alkalinity diet works for us unfortunate folks who suffer from GERD?
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Helps start the recovering process. If you keep eating ****, reflux keeps re-occuring with most people. You are what you eat. The typical American Diet is really bad the more you learn about it. Even a lot of grains is low on the Ph scale (acidic). Thats why American red meat is acidic, our caddle eat grains not grass!

It helped me in combination with non-drug supplements. Took three months to notice, after that my stomach was more 'settled'. Its hard to stay on an analyzed diet, not much to eat. The basics are high PH fruits and veggies and non fatty fish or skinless chicken for protein. I still test morning saliva with ph paper if my gerd is acting up.

I also took d-limonene (orange peel oil) under the brand of Heartburn MD now switched to Jarrow D-limonene. I am now serching for a good digestive enzyme so I can stop the D-limonene. Also experimenting with Apple Cider Vinegar which technically works as a digestive enzyme.
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Thanks.  That's very helpful.  Maybe I'll try the d-limonene, too.  Have you tried DGL (licorice root)?  I also have been doing a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning every day.  It is so repulsive, but I think it might be helping me.  If there is only one thing good that has happened since I came down with this condition, it is that I have taken better care of myself and I've been eating better.  I agree it's really hard when you want to eat the foods you love and you can't.  
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