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Extreme bad breath caused by gerd?

Hey guys, i am in need of help!

So bascally, all the time after i eat, drink, anything i get a bad taste afterwards and then bad breath, on the back of my tounge. Also sometimes i get the feeling like im being chocked when i lay down, as almost as theres something in there :/ but it goes away when i sit up, i think it could be connectes. Also, the taste is acidic, and sour, like eating a lemon.. I have good dental hygene, and also theres a white coating on the back of my tounge most of the time... I do get heartburn sometimes. Somebody help mee
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Your symptoms sound like what I experienced when my LES valve at the bottom of my esophagus failed.  Keep in mind, I'm not a health professional.  It could be a gravity issue... when you lay down, stomach acid/contents are allowed to run back into the esophagus if the LES valve is compromised from a variety of causes, including a hiatel hernia.  An Endoscopy is the best way to determine what the problem is.  
In the short term, the good advice of the person who monitors this site is to raise the head of your bed at least 4 inches so stomach contents can't back up.  Pillows don't work.  Don't eat anything after dinner.  If you are taking medication to control acid, take it exactly as prescribed; taken otherwise just makes expensive urine.  
Keep us informed.
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So sorry you have this problem.... You might try eating a piece of parsley right after you eat for the sour stomach.  Fennel and anise are also helpful.  It does sound like GERD -  I sometimes take simethecone and that soothes the stomach just before bed.  
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