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Familial GERD, hiatal hernia, and cancer

Myself, siblings, mother, and my son plus extended family have all been diagnosed with GERD and several have hiatal hernia as well. Our family also has a history of many deaths due to intestinal cancer. While we are all on medications for acid reflux, only my mother has fought this cancer - which she survived. Personally, I don't smoke, drink liquor, eat fried/greasy/acidic foods. I take 300mg of ranitidine 2x a day. I think the high stomach cancer rate must be due to some inherited abnormalty that makes us vulnerable. Has anyone else experienced this in their family?
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My mothers side of the family has the same problem and all of my siblings. I've been researching though and found that it could be a inherited food, spice, or perservative intolerance that actually triggers it. i don't know about your family but i've come to realize that the inherited problem comes with anxiety also. just recently i've ran across something called thyramin intolorence is typof food sensitivity. I'm led to believe it is a trigger for migranes and(IBS)irritable bowel syndrome but you can google it and make your own asumptions.

Hope this helps.
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I don't trust doctors entirely either. My mother died last year at age 67 from stage 4 breast cancer but she had been diagnosed over the years with multiple things like fybromyalgia, diabetes, Gerd, osteoparoses, Sjogren Syndrome, conjestive heart failure after her first bout with breast cancer and chemo, and the list goes on and on and on. she had the nissen surgery, gallbladder removel, tonsils removed, a defibulator implant and so on. Now it is hard for me to believe this stuff could happen to one person without some connection between the multiples of them. You would exspect doctors to make those assumptions too sinse they have big fine house and cars and go on luxurious vacations and all. You know what i mean, they get paid to figure this **** out but they dont care so i'm researching it so i don't have to lose someone else that i love.
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one more thing. when i said connections i also think all these diagnoses could come from the pharmacy of pills she had been taking over the years. the sad thing is,if that is what killed her, there is nothing i can do about it because no one cares. including the doctors who prescribed the meds with full knowledge of the 40 damn pills she was taking a day!
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Kev...pardon my timing on responding! I have just been back to work and it wore me out! I also am still doing the doctor route.

As for your message....I am so sorry to hear about your mother. And I know how you must feel about the frustration with doctors. It sounds like a great deal of frustration and anguish watching her slip away. I don't know what the answer is. BUT the medical field is so fragmented that you are sent to multiple doctors who don't communicate with each other. I am knee deep in medical problems and multiple doctors...and charges!

As it happens, I was also iagnosed with fibromyalgia, degenerative osteoarthritis, and a back that's pretty messed up. Sjogren syndrome sounds familiar. And I am suphosed to see an enterologist for  probable diagnosis of IBS.

I will research thyramin intolerance. I do know that we have food sensitivities. I avoid the ones I know about but my family relies on the medication and continues to eat those foods.

If there is a connection with my diagnosis, have not heard of one.

I understand about doctors. My father struggled with serious health issues, and a doctor finally diagnosed alzheimers. We watched his descent into silence and paralysis. Finally hospice began assisting us but it wasn't until a nurse change that we had a rude awakening. She came to assess father and said she wanted to consult with the doctor. To make a long story short, father was re-diagnosed but with Parkinsons. We knew of the type that Michael J. Fox has but there is another type...it caused paralysis and inability to speak. They gave him the medication for parkinsons and miracle! He walked and talked. We "HAD" him for 24 hours. It was a miracle and a tragedy. It broke my heart. All that time they let him slip away with a bad diagnosis, he lost years of his life and being able to communicate. Oh, he still would have died from Parkinsons but he was robbed of quality of life! In those 24 hours he was so touching and sweet and present. He died a few days later. He got 24 hours. The doctors are still alive and walking and talking. No apologies.

But I guess this is just venting & grieving. I will search thyramin intolerance. Again, my condolences about your mother....
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I have the same problems. My grandad pass away from it and my dad is dealing with it as well. Ive seen tones of doctors all they keep doing is give me defernt pills for it that still does not help am tryin to get the scope down my throut to see if there is something else wrong. Ive had heavyness in my breathing and there is days it feeling like there is something beating in the middle of my ribs.
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