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Feels like something is stuck at the bottom of my throat

Hi all,

I have always had acid reflux but last week, it seem to have got worse. It felt like there is something stuck at the bottom of my throat and I couldn't swallow solids properly.

After taking some PPI prescribed by my doctor, it has gotten better. However, the feeling is still there most of the time. The only time that I don't feel this is when I just woke up with an empty stomach.

I'm really confused what's going on. Is this really caused by GERD? If so, why is the feeling still there? It's been a week and I'm wondering how much longer will this take to recover?
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  Hi...the stuck in the throat feeling is quite common for the LPR type of reflux....many times the person also has thick mucus or PND along with it.....swallowing issues , horse voice....sore throat....are a few other symptoms....

It can take more then a week to recover from these symptoms ...and it takes more then just taking the meds....you also need to modify diet and lifestyle to help the meds work properly.....
Hi selmaS. thanks so much for the reply! However, I tend to always have acid reflux i.e., I feel the acid up my throat. Is there a reason for this sudden onset of LPR? I don't really have thick mucus but when I let whatever that's coming up my throat up, they are like very bubbly saliva. Are these signs of LPR too? Because I don't see bubbly saliva as one of them online...

Thanks so much for the advice on changing lifestyle and diet!
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  Excess saliva is deff a sign of reflux.....there can be many reasons for you to have had a flare of symptoms....stress is one...having a cold or flu is another....

Another possibility is diet and lifestyle...they too can trigger a flare......

Let me know how you are doing.
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Hi SelmaS,

It's been a couple of days since my last reply. I have gotten better the last few days but I guess I had some indigestion today which was really bad. I vomitted and now I don't have much of an appetite. Nonetheless, I had no GERD symptoms yesterday but I guess I have yet to heal completely.
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  Are you keeping a journal of what you are eating etc...to see if you can see what may be a trigger for you?
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I am suspecting that it could be coffee... But in anyway, I'm watching my diet and hoping that my stomach and esophagus can heal completely in the mean time. haha,
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  Coffee is on the list to avoid....easy for me as I never acquired a taste for it....but I love tea which is also on the list....and I only have tea on an occasion....not every day.
Anyway, i read that LPR does not require long-term treatment while GERD may...

Do you happen to know if this is true?
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   LPR and GERD are different disorders. The
term LPR is used to describe the acid in the stomach
that comes up into the throat at the level of the
laryngopharnyx. LPR causes irritation and changes in
the larynx. GERD is cause by the backflow of gastric
contents into the esophagus, which leads to tissue
damage or esophagitis and heartburn. Because with GERD there is damage to  tissue it may take longer to heal and treatment may take longer......it really depends on the patient, if they do ALL the Dr suggests....diet and lifestyle modification and taking meds as directed....

I personally am slower to heal then most as I do have a condition not related to reflux that causes that aspect which could cause me to take longer then perhaps you...so how long it takes will depend on you and how your body heals.
Hi selmas! Sorry for being away for so long. It's slightly more than a month since the onset of my GERD episode and I'm glad to say, I have fully recovered! Probably not exactly fully yet because I ate a lot tonight and experienced slight discomfort (ie burping and a little foamy saliva) but my appetite and everything else is back to normal! Just thought I should mention this so other readers can know it's possible to recover from GERD! :)
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