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Feels like something is stuck in throat and continious Burping

Hello Everyone !!

Sorry for my English, as I am not a Native Speaker.

From Mid-March 2020 suddenly I felt like something got stuck in my throat and that Feels when I sallow my saliva. I didn't take this too seriously but after a week at midnight, I suddenly started burping. That night it was too hard or difficult to burp but after 2-3 days later it becomes easy for me to burp and today it's September 2020 I am having the same symptoms. 1 month ago (August), the lump in my throat went away but burping is till today. I burp after and before eating and in the day time as well and after I burp my lump in throat goes away. feels like gas is stuck in the throat. When I sleep in don't get Burp but after standing I get 3-4 times burp. I have also pins and needle pains in the arms and neck area sometimes.  Due to the COVID pandemic, I am unable to visit a doctor but in this, between I took different types of acid reduction medicine over the counter because when I explained my symptoms the pharmacy person said its all because of gastric. But until I visit the doctor I m worried. I am controlling a lot in food and I am getting better than before. I have developed symptoms of flatulence also.  

so my question, is this a serious disease? Is it really acid reflux or any other disease.
All I am worried about is about HIV/AIDS because I had condom protected sex with a commercial sex worker ( As I am Petty Sure condom didn't Fail) on December 17th, 2019 and these symptoms started after the 3 months ( I mean Mid March 2020 ). Could this be HIV/AIDS symptoms? I am very worried. Please Can anybody Help me...
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