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Feels like something stuck in chest/burning/painful swallowing

Does anybody have any experience with the feeling of having something stuck in the middle of your chest, around the sternum?

I have had this for about a week consistently, with some random moments of relief, usually when exercising or sleeping (oddly enough when I wake up, it doesn't seem to be there). It it also painful/feeling like a lump in my chest when swallowing.

I was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago and have been on 20mg Omeprazole twice per day every since. I had a barium swallow in April 2015 when I had the same feelings, and nothing was found except GERD.

It almost feels like its radiating to my upper back.

I'm thinking Esophagitis? Unsure if there are any other remedies for this or if Omeprazole has stopped working.

The discomfort , of course, also has my anxiety in over-drive most of the day, which I'm sure does not help.

Anybody experience this? What were the outcomes? Any recommendations.

I should mention that since being diagnosed with GERD, my diet had not changed much, I'm about 40 pounds overweight and up until about a week ago, drank coffee daily. Anybody also have GERD and drink coffee without issue? Limit intake?

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  Yes, I have had the lump in the throat issue....and I have found avoiding foods that trigger symptoms to be the best way to go .....

As for alcohol or foods that trigger symptoms is best to avoid while in a flare and once you have the symptoms under control to enjoy those items in moderation.....for example I love pizza, spaghetti ....tomatoes etc...and it is high in acidity....so I only have it one in a while and not both in one week and I make sure to take my meds b4 the meal....

I am not a a big alcohol drinker...but have been able to have a glass of wine once in a while with no issues....I also avoid carbonated bevs...but have to have a root beer with my pizza....so again I enjoy, but in moderation...and not if I already had something that typically is a trigger for me....

Keeping a journal may help you find how and when you can enjoy your triggers with out causing a flare up of symptoms
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Thanks for your response! Have you had similar symptoms? What was it for you?

Also, is it ever possible to have alcohol with GERD? If it's managed?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Along with meds you do need to modify your diet and avoid things /foods/bevs that will trigger symptoms....stress will trigger symptoms....just as being over weight...even losing weight..any change can have an effect on how our body reacts to everything.....

One of the bevs we are told to avoid is coffee, caffeine and carbonated bevs....if you continue to consume these on a daily basis, meds will stop working...

Avoid all foods that trigger your symptoms....keep a journal to help you identify your triggers...

Eat healthy, exercise and  relax....stress is a huge trigger for reflux symptoms.
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