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Following LPR protocol and hungry at 4 a.m.

I have LPR, also known as Silent Reflux.  After several months of vastly restricted low acid diet, drinking alkaline water, and a daily session of sinus inhaler,  my daytime symptoms are practically gone.  I eat a small meal consisting mainly of veggies and starch for dinner and nothing at all after 7pm so my stomach is empty when I lie down at  night.  Now I wake up every morning between 4 and 5 a.m. and can't get back to sleep, and feel hungry.  i am afraid if I eat something then I won't be able to lie back down again for fear of reflux. Any suggestions?
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Hallo ! I 'm just reading your post as I 'm looking for a support group myself. I have been diagnosed with LPR myself. And I also have this weird thing of waking up at night and feeling the urge to eat. That can have several causes and there is actually a name for it NES or Night Eating Syndrome. It have its roots in emotional imbalance or simply not eating enough throughout the day and anything in between. There are a lot of YouTubes about that out there, which helped me  alot
I've suffered NES  since decades and am  just now, that I realize how harmful it can be and definitely counterproductive to healing any kind of Acid Reflux,  finding the strength to look at it, talk about it and address the issue. That's when I learned that this thing even has a name: NES :) I hope this can be helpful to you. - V.
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