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Hello, I'm currently a candidate for Nissen fundoplication surgery for my acid reflux. I'm a 16 year old female, and I was premature. I was diagnosed with acid reflux from birth and have been dealing with symptoms all my life. (Vomiting, feeling food in the back of my throat, heartburn, etc.) after reading about the surgery, I'm terrified. Many people regret the surgery and say they would've never done it, due to bloating pain after and the inability to burp or vomit, or even swallow. I'm terrified of getting the surgery, but I'm scared of not getting it either. I've heard positive effects of the procedure as well. Basically, I'm just confused. The surgeon said it was up to me and my family, and we ultimately decided that if it got rid of symptoms then we'll do it. But if it adds new, worse symptoms, is it worth it? Thank you!!
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I would encourage you to get a second opinion before having such surgery. I have been suffering for nearly three years and misdiagnosed with everything from esophageal spasms and Gerd. A surgeon recommended fundpIication.  I have a family member who is a doctor. Since they live out of state from me, I was strongly discouraged from this course of action. It was strongly suggested that I get a scan of my gallbladder. I had been diagnosed with gerd, but no medications brought relief. It turned out my gallbladder was filled with stones. I had it removed, immediately all the severe symptoms I was suffering disappeared. From what I have heard, often fundpIication surgeries are sometimes not effective. The medication Dexilant and liquid Carafate might want to be looked into, check with a gastro doctor. Good luck, I sincerely hope you find a successful outcome.
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