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GERD - anxious and scared

Hello Selma and everyone, hope you are doing alright. I think this forum is a great resource and I have decided to post my story here

I'm an European living and working in the UK. 25 years-old. 5'9'' and 143 pounds. Around September 2008 I started having indigestion symptoms with heart burns and pains just below my left breast occurring once in a while. I decided to contact my GP who put me onto Ranitidine and after couple of weeks I started feeling better, nevertheless somehow the meds stopped working and I was feeling sick again so I went back to my GP and he suggested me a breath test for H-Pylori bacteria, or whatever its name is, who came back negative. I was put on omeprazole 20mg once a day. I started to take ome in late November- early December 2008. I was doing relatively well and around mid February got back to my GP who reduced the dose to 10mg advising me to take 20mg should the symptoms become worse. A couple of weeks went by and started to feel indigestion again along with this chest pain just below my left breast, so I swapped to 20mg but now this is not working anymore as I got not only indigestion symptoms but also a bad sore throat for over a week now, soreness in my abdomen area and a bloating sensation as well. I do feel like a dragon as I am writing…  

So it’s the end of April now and I am visiting a gastroenterologist who, I believe, is going to perform and endoscopy and few tests.

I just feel extremely scared as I’ve got a nice job and relatively good life, except for this, and I have been reading about GERD, hiatus-hernia and its symptoms, treatment and complications, including surgery, and I know I must have it due to how my body feels and the issues I have been going through this past months. I wanted to share my story with all of you and try to get some feedback and help.

Kind Regards
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
...and for sharing ur story. Your sstory does sound familiar, as I too had been taking a PPI like ome and it stopped working for me as well.I had been on it on and off for many yrs. I am now on pepcid, but a rx strenght and it is working for me now.

In addition to taking meds we must remember just because we feel ok, we can not eat what ever we want...I have to remind myself that daily.We feel ok so I can have this today...and then the next day...I can have that....well it does not work that way.

Please see the welcome message and follow the links to our Health Pages for info on safe foods to eat and lifestyle changes...this info is as important as ur meds!!

I hope u continue to share with us how u r doing

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