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GERD & High Blood pressure

Does GERD cause high blood pressure?  Is there a relationship between hyperthension and GERD?
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Hi...I have never heard that GERD can cause HBP, but GERD can be the result of stress and anxiety.

So, if u r able to reduce ur BP, u may be able to reduce ur GERD issues.

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If you are taking a PPI such as prilosec or the generic omeprazole, peopl ehave reported the high BP  as a side effect. I took 40mg omeprazole for 3 weeks and it elevated my BP.
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I have GERD and I have been on three different Acid Reflux (GERD) medications and all raised my blood pressure but Nexium. I have high blood pressure (hypertension) without GERD though.

I am not aware of any relation between the two sickness.
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