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GERD & Productive cough

I have been diagnosed with GERD.   I have a constant productive cough.   This has been going on for several years.
I have had the Barium Swallow, Modified Barium Swallow, upper endoscopy and chest x-ray.   All look good.
I work really hard at no clearing my throat, but when I do, it is a productive cough.  I am so tired due to this.
What can I do to alleviate this?  

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Hi  Bert and welcome to the GERD forum.

It sounds like u have a post nasal drip issues and an ENT may suggest a saline nasal spray.

Talk with ur dr to see if this is a viable option.

Please keep us posted
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Thanks for your suggestion.   I originally went to an ENT due to the feeling of something stuck in my throat/swallowing difficulty.   He stuck a tube in my nose and into my throat.
At that time, he said my throat was healthy and ordered a barium swallow.  That is when the GERD was diagnosed and he sent me to a gastroenterologist.    Wouldn't he have been able to tell me at that time if it was PND?   Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance...
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Hi Bert....if u r nething like me, my PND comes and goes.I do not have it constantly...it feels like it sometimes tho.

Just a quick look up ur nose and of ur throat during a normal visit to ur PCP should be a way to determine it.Mine always makes mention if it is noticed....nothing if it is not .

An OTC saline nasla spray is safe enuff to use without a dr, but I would suggest u speak to ur dr to know for sure if it is an issue.

Try and get into ur dr when u know u have PND.

Keep me posted

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