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I have had severe Gerd for almost 11 months now. I take Ranitidine 1 tablet in morning and 1 eve I also take Gastrocote when needed.  My main problem is acid rising to the throat where I constantly clear my throat particularly at night even though I raise my head.  I also get burning to my throat and sour saliva taste which come after meals which is hard to get rid of.  I have seen specialist but awaiting results for my ph oesophagus test.  Please advise what I can do as I also losing weight from 76 kg to now 63 kg.

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You need to discus this with your doctor.  Severe acid reflux can lead to the development of Barrett's esophagus which can lead to cancer.  It can be very serious.  Talk to your specialist about layering a proton pump inhibitor with your H2 blocker.  Also, have you had a scopd of your digestive track done.  That can help determine the cause of your issues.  For example, do you have a hiatel hernia?  

Bottom line, talk with your specialist about treatment options no matter what the Ph test results say.  It is a big deal.
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eat a very early supper and no fried or greesy foods. No alcohol either. If you smoke, stop! light exercise 30 mins after you eat helps digest food better. Try drinking hot herbel tea with your meal or something warm . it will help with digestion also. not soda though. cut back on the soda intake. drink more water.
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The doctor or specialist will probably put you on some new meds and it will help alittle better but if you don't take other precautions and look into eating better and changing your lifestyle then it wil be all in vein. I have had acid reflux for ten yearsand i can tell you that it will take some changes not just drugs that your doc will feed you. It's a fact!
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I dealt with major acid reflux for months. Was on two prevacid s day.  Nothing was working and I was miserable!   Finally it was determine it was my gallbladder. Now that it's gone acid reflux only happens when I take things tlike meds that bother my tummy. Feel much much betternow with regards to my AR issues.
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