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Can a constant feeling of nausea, sometimes for 3 or 4 days in a row, be a symptom of GERD?  Eating does not help the nausea or make it go away.  There is usually a few weeks in between these episodes of nausea and sometimes it goes away for a few months, only to return.  If this is a symptom, will medication help?  Thank you.

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Yes,nausea is a know symptom of GERD.
PPI and prokinetics would be helpful.
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hello. i am suffering from the same exact symptoms but i experience them every other day. I take a medication called Zofran which really helps with the nausea and i take Prilosec for the GERD symptoms. if you had any ideas of what has helped you that would be great. good luck with your treatment and hope you feel better soon!
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