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GERD/Barrett's/Chronic Nausea/Anxiety

My 77 year old mother who was in great health until 4 months ago when she started have severe acid reflux.  This was accompanied by nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.  Endoscopy showed some slight erosions in the stomach, Barrett's and negative biopsies.  I am not sure if they tested for H. pylori.  A CT scan was negative, as was abdominal ultrasound.  She has been placed on Protinix and is still having daily nausea, worse in the am.  She also has occasional loose stools.  She is now complaining of muscle tremor in her hands, anxiety and a "weird" feeling in her head when her symptoms are at their worst.  She related to me that she would rather be dead than have this constant nausea.  Any thoughts??
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The nausea could be caused by a number of things. Unfortunately it's hard to tell what without direct observation. Give the protonix a few weeks to work. When the stomach heals the nausea will likely subside. In the meantime, is she on any anti-emetics?

Unfortunately, there seems to be something systematic going on that's at the root of all this, possibly neurological. My gut instinct tells me there might be something going on with her Vagus nerve (is she diabetic? has she been sick with a stomach flu lately?), but that, I think speaks more to my sensibilities than your mother's conditions.

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help.
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