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GERD Complications, Ringing in Ears, Dizzyness, Pressure Headaches.

White Male 38yr

I have recently had a battery of scans, procedures, and visits with specialists
Cardiac Specialist - June 2010 - Everything Fine - BP 120/80
Gastroenterologist - August 2010 - Endoscopy - Erosion of Esophagus, and H Pylori - Nexium and Antibiotics
Neurologist - Brain MRI - Found Golf Ball Cyst in Cerebellum, EMG (Brain Waves) Normal
NeuroSurgeon - High Field Brain MRI with Dye - Suffered Panic Attack with BP at 180/120 - In ER for 2 hrs - NeuroSurgeon Consult - Surgery not recomended beacuse not causing my symptoms.
Neurologist - CTScan of Abdomen - Normal except Fatty Liver (Had since 2007 - nonalcoholic) AST and ALT slightly elevated

In April of 2010, I was working out at the Gymn on my shoulders and felt lightheaded and passed out. Could not work out again since I felt the same feeling everytime I would start to work out.
I started feeling chest pain, that was when I went to see the cardiologist. my neurologist found my CPK was 600 and said I had muscle damage, but not cardiac. The pain I was feeling in my chest was muscular pain of my pecs.
In July 2010, I went to home depot and felt weak and had to lay on the ground for 20 mins. I also had several episodes like this at work - I found out that this happened when I was hungry. I would also have panic attacks at night because I would wake up and feel like I wasn't breathing. I knew I wasn't suffocating, but it felt as though there was no air in my lungs. (I also have chemical induced asthma from work)
I have also not had normal hunger pain sounds (stomach growling) for three years, but instead I get throat spasms when I am hungry. My gastro said it was Acid Reflux Disease and to take the nexium.

My current symptoms are:
Ringing in the ears
Pressure around Temples and Eyes
Eyes have floating things in vision
I feel quick dizzy spells when I move my head too fast or when I eat (Hard chewing a lot brings it on)
BP is 130/90 and When they take my BP on my left arm, I get anxiety attack automatically
muscular pain that is sporadic over my body, sometimes like needle stabs
tremors in my feet, fingers, and groin - feels like vibrating cell phone - not constant
I also get rashes in groin, toes and underarms - smells like bo even after shower, I have a cream the dr prescribed but as soon as it gets better, I stop taking and it comes back.
Acne flareups all over, and really dry skin, my skin is like rice paper.
I also have testicular pain - had epididymitus was given antibiotics but the pain returns
I also had another instance where I was working and my heart rate was up to 200, but I wasn't even breathing heavy and I got all weak and sweaty. It was like they were disconnected. Usually when you run or work hard you start to breathe heavier, but I was breathing normal but my heart was racing so fast.

I have had blood tests for:
Liver Enzymes
Yeast Infections
Bacterial Infections
Viral Infections

Getting a blood test for:
Vitamin Deficiency
Heavy Metal Poisoning

Scheduled a Hearing and Eye Exam for this month

They haven't found anything wring with me. The neurologist said I might have panic disorder, but panic disorder doesn't cause rashes or riinging in the ears. I have ruled out the symptoms I get when I have a panic attack, and the ones listed above are the constant.

I have read where GERD can cause nerve damage and give you asthma, and ear infections, can the ear ringing, head pressure, and dizzyness be caused by GERD? what else could it be? I am at my wits end, I cant even clean up my house or care for my daughter because I get weak, dizzy, and pressure in my head.
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Hi...ask about autoimmune thyroid...u need ur TSH, free T3 and free T4 TPO antibodies to see if this may be an issue.

Next...do u take pain pills..OTC like tylenol?...ne NSAIDS can cause ringing in  the ears...so look at ne meds u r on.

U said they looked at ur vitamin levels , how about minerals like magnesium and potassium?

And last get the copy of ur Brain MRI and the report, get a second opinion.....

Good luck

and post an update

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Thanks for the Reply,

I have had my thyroid tested several times in the past 6 months, all normal. I recently had a ENG and the problem is most likely an inner ear or eusthachian tube problem, and my GERD symptoms are getting better with Meds. I may have caused the problem with my ear while weightlifting, and my BP is slightly elevated. I have had so many crazy and widespread symptoms that it has been very difficult to pin down. To date I have had over 40 different symptoms from my head to legs and feet, and they don't all seem to be related. After doing some research on inner ear problems, I found that it can even cause panic disorder, which I currently have had a few episodes. I have deduced that my symptoms first started in April, 2010 after working out at the gym (which I have done 4-5 times per week for the past 22 years) I have been physically unable to exert myself in exercise or work since then without getting dizzy or lightheaded.

I even thought about heavy metal poisoning, or bodybuilding supplements, or B deficiency.
I also read about GERD causing Asthma,Ear, and throat problems from acid aspiration.
It has been really discouraging to have all these tests to say that you're normal when you don't feel normal.

My brain cyst is in the cerebellum and has most likely been there since birth. The cerebellum control balance and motor skills, but I do not have any problems with these things.

Thanks for listening!
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Hi..do u know is the cyst a syrinx?
I also have cerebellum issues and have had brain surgery, so I am aware of balance issue etc....many that have these issues also have GERD and thyroid issues as well.

I am not saying u have these, just wondering what type of cyst u have and y I am interested : )

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Have you every been tested for H pylori? I had the same exact symptoms as you. Have you had an upper endo done yet? If not I would go to a GI dr and get one done asap. I too was just told i had asthma after 33yr of life I was not haveing it and told the Dr I was not happy with that answer, I never smoke and dont drink and my asthma issues turned into COPD, and it all started when i excersiced too. I'm on the meds for it now so I cant tell you I'm better yet but feel like I am getting there. I have 8 days left of meds, hope you find answers soon
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Hi, I have many of the exact came symptoms you are going through. right down to the GERD, heart rate, ear ringing, panic attacks, and other issues you are describing. Mine started with an attack at the gym and was down hill from there. I have not been able to work out in over 3yrs now. It turns out that I have Lyme disease and with treatment these problems get better. I have not been able to completely kick the Lyme / Bartonella infection though and still have these problems come back if I go off antibiotics. Sounds like you may need a good Lyme Dr to take a look at you.
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sounds like unrelated separate issues, and yes, panic can cause dizzyness or ringing in ears but sounds like you panic because of these issues not other way round, possibility is side effects which are not common so not listed, nexium I believe can cause dizzyness and also can lower iron? or other nutrients, low iron will cause noise in ears as well as dizziness issues. Other things you describe sound like menieres disease.
Id try going to a natural health practicioner being your normal GPs are saying your ok, maybe natural help will balance this out, thai chi yoga meditation all could help with panic, panic can make you feel you cant breathe like your going to have heart attack or stroke, its a long journey to learn methods to control the panic soon as it begins. Also in chinese medicine alot of the symptoms are "hot" probems, acne asthma the bo even after shower so a diet change maybe in order. How much processed foods and white sugar things do you eat? bread, pasta pizza biscuits etc? how much water? caffeine? maybe in all this it could be down to the basics of what you eat, you mentioned working out, do/did you eat those energy bars or drinks? they have high sodium which will cause issues, anyway hope this may help give new ideas.
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Hi plattuca,

I am having many of these similar symptoms as well as fatigue and stomach issues going on 3 years now. I was wondering if you had any advice on Lyme doctors in the Philadelphia area and how you figured out it was Lyme disease?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Robert,
Hope you are doing great.
Did your symptoms vanish? Did it get better? Please update.
I had similar symptoms and doctors said it was panic syndrome.
Now the only two things that are remaining are mild ringing on left ear when I am hungry (I also had a wisdom tooth extraction surgically 3 weeks ago) and occasional myalgia type pain randomly on the muscles and rare pricking pain in the nights. I am also doubting the dye used during the CT Scans that is causing the neuropathy situation.
I have GERD symptoms as well. Thinking of a second opinion from a different GP.
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You are descibing the very same symtoms I have...I'm at my witts end with it...I even have the moving spots in front of  my eyes...the vertigo is so bad sometimes I walk hugging the wall..I have so much nerve pain Im on 4 300 mg. neurontin 4 times a day..I have been going to a ENT for awhile with the vertigo an ringing in the ears...if you figure out what causes all this please let me know..I also have reflux pretty bad ..Im sure some of it is caused from that.
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I can relate to your symptoms.  it's more of anxiety disorder. i was 36 when i had it. Its like being tortured with different symptoms. I got Gerd and maitained nexium. go on light exercises to relieve stupid symptoms. Take care
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Bumping this because I came here from Google and this is all too familiar. Most of those symptoms can actually be from dehydration. Panic, racing heart, testicular pain, dizziness, etc. Try an electrolyte drink and drink lots of water. Low blood sugar will cause severe anxiety attacks and similar symptoms as well. Mentioning as you said it also happens when hungry. These symptoms are what I experience regularly from both. See doc, get low blood sugar test. Learn to check yourself for dehydration. If you're thirsty then you're already a minimum of 2% dehydrated. Hope this helps.
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I also have the ringing in one ear, lightheaded/dizziness along with nausea, anxiety, joint and muscle aches.  Scheduled for an endoscopy to finally find out what is going on.  
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Hi did you ever find out what was wrong ? I am literally facing the same thing tor. The past year and a half and it's killing me ! Please let me know
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Hi did you ever find out what was wrong ? I am literally facing the same thing tor. The past year and a half and it's killing me ! Please let me know
Any update on your symptoms? I’m having the same?
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DID anyone figure out what was going on? I have the same symptoms?
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