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GERD? Hernia? Bacteria? This starts to be a real hindrance in my life, need advice!


I am writing to get advice on a problem which starts to hinder my life.


- For the past few months, I have some kind of reflux, especially in the evening. I feel my digestive content goes up, and also as if a lot of air is stuck around the oesophagus. I'm a bit relieved by much burping, often happening 3 or 4 hours after eating.

- It all started two years ago, when my throat was irritated for 6 months. We thought it was ENT-related but no, apparently it was reflux. I also had episodes of extrasystoles, and after examination, they would also be related to these oesophagus/stomach issues.

- Until now, i could live with it, but for 2 months now, the discomfort has further settled in, especially in the evening.

- My big concern, and what makes me post on this forum, is that those symptoms created a downward spiral. I focus on them, it makes me anxious (while i was feeling good psychologically speaking for decades). As soon as i encounter a stressful situation (taking plane, boat, being confined), i feel both the mind and this belly problem intertwine, and it accentuates the impression of weight in the chest/ belly, and cause mini panic attacks.


- I did blood tests, everything seems fine. I was prescribed proton pump inhibitors to "see if it works," but I'd rather know what i have before taking medicines with side effects. I'm raising my head when i sleep, walk, have reduced my meal's portions, do stretching/yoga pauses special for te belly. It helps, but not enough.

- My diet: a lot (too much?) of fiber like oats or wholemeal pasta, vegetables, lots of nuts (too much?), a dairy product per day, lots of fish, egg, very few meat, much olive oil and herbs, lots of dried fruits like dates/figs, carrot juice. No alcohol, no coffee, no tea, no tomato, almost no chocolate.

In short, this problem is starting to be a hindrance in my life, and i feel stuck as this downward spiral is making me afraid of any invasive examination like a gastroscopy.

Thank you for your advice (on the gastric problem itself, psychological aspects, exams i could do, diet changes, etc)
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I’ve had acid reflux for over 2 weeks taken 80 mg omprozola a day: slight improvement but still horrid taste and some burping worried it’s a Hiatal hernia any advise on how long people’s acid takes to settle?
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I have similar symptoms, GERD, Throat closing up, mucus, to clear it up, I have to burp, if not, feeling strangled. It occurs with particular food. It was particularly bad in 2013-2014, I couldn't go outside town without having an anxiety attack/panic attack like you.

For my case, it is allergy/intolerance/stress. I eliminated my known allergies and suspected intolerances/allergies.

Like oat, I have to eat the steel-cut ones. The rolled ones, I get reflux after the meal.
Dark roast coffee is better for my case vs Medium roast.
Another trick I found out, is the "stool" how it is, if I get diarrhea, I know I ate something that my body don't get along well.

You have to do an elimination and test it out what triggers these symptoms.  Corn, Soy, Wheat, Oat, Fish, etc. Everything you eat.
If it doesn't change anything, you are safe for that food I guess and test by removing another one.

When I said to my allergist my symptoms after eating soy, the allergiest said it was only GERD and I had no allergies, almost case closed.
But, he was kind enough to do tests and  skin-test were positive for foods soy/mustard (pollens,etc.).
He changed his speech and felt sorry he misjudged my case, but my larynx/pharynx were swollen and irritated by acid reflux.
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any advice?
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