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GERD Problems

Hi. I'm eighteen years old with hiatal hernia and acid reflux. Usually its symptomised by constant burping and a sour taste in my throat.

I was prescribed omeprazole after my endoscopy in 2013. My symptoms weren't too aggravating at the time so I wasn't constantly on the drug. I went on and off as symptoms came and went, erratically from what I could see.

Recently the symptoms have gotten bad. I have constant ache in my chest in a sort of ring under my bottom rib, sometimes acheing along the very middle of my body - what I assume is the esophagus. I did some research online about my condition and the drug, learned that PPIs allegedly come with many negative side-effects. I tried using DGL licorice tablets with some success.

Now nothing really seems to be having an effect. I've taken some omeprazole today, tried using over-the-counter acid neutralisers, tried drinking milk, tried DGL, even tried painkillers like paracetamol and I've had no luck with relief. Sometimes I don't feel like there's any acid in my stomach but I'm still acheing.

Is something damaged? Has my condition complicated somehow? I can't risk going for another endoscopy because I have a medical record check coming up for a naval career. Can someone give me some advice?

I still get this burping too. It's really annoying. Can that be dealt with? It sort of feels like gas is travelling up my esophagus and escaping through my burp when I pay close attention to the burping.
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Most GERD medication depend upon uninterrupted usage over a period of time to be to be effective.  When taken only with symptoms, they just make expensive Urine.  PPI's can have side effects, but I took them for quite a while and they certainly helped.  I stopped after having a Nissen Fundoplication surgery which ended my GERD problems.
I suggest you try PPI's exactly as prescribed for a period of time without interruption for a period of time unless you get serious side effects.  hope this helps. Keep us informed.
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