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GERD after "stomach flu"?

Hi, this is my first question on here so here goes nothing.. Hopefully I get some answers.

About 4 months ago, I developed a "stomach flu" from my significant other, who had it significantly worse than I did, but I was sick for about three days with the runs and I vomited three times. Afterwards I was just weak with a fever which went away. However, I noticed afterwards I was still experiencing discomfort in eating, doesn't matter what I ate. And it only escalated from there.

Now at the 4 month mark, every day after eating or even before eating I experience stomach cramping and discomfort, stomach burning, chest pains and occasional burning, the feeling of a lump in my throat, what seems to be reflux (feels like food and acid keep coming back up into my mouth and leaves me with bad breath and either a sour or bitter taste). Alongside all this I also experience nausea which I need to take something for daily (usually gravol as nothing else works that I've experienced). Nothing I have seems to help much, I have been taking rabeprazole 20mg once a day for almost a month with no results, gaviscon doesn't seem to help at all, tums make me feel sicker; nothing takes away the pain and burning.I have lost almost 40 pounds and continue to lose weight.

As for testing, I've gotten an endoscope, multiple blood tests, ultrasounds, and am on my way to a colonscopy and an MRI very soon. I've been tested negative for h. pylori, any kind of infections (they say my gallbladder and pancreas seem fine and my body isn't fighting off any infection as there is not a high enough white blood cell count). I am also hopefully getting a gastric emptying test to test for gastroparesis, which I guess could be another real possibility.

I was just wondering what everyone else thinks, and if you have the same symptoms, what do you do for relief? I'm feeling hopeless and weak, I barely leave the house anymore and I can't enjoy anything I eat at all. Thanks!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Yes, this flare up can and does happen after the flu or any kind of illness or any surgery as many times the meds we use can also be a trigger.

In addition to the meds you are taking for reflux you should modify your diet and lifestyle....meaning to avoid acidic  greasy, spicy foods as well as alcoholic and carbonated bevs.....smoking....and stress.

I have been avoiding everything and anything that could be bad for me so at least I have that bit covered. Is there any general timeframe these flare ups last in? It's very annoying and I just want it gone haha!
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  Sorry no, there is no way to know for sure how long it may last...and it depends on you....try to relax as stress can also trigger a flare.

I had bouts that lasted a few weeks....and water seemed to be the worst thing I could drink, but with time it got better.

Good luck.
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