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GERD and IBS connection?

Hi. I'm a 20 years old male who suffers from several gastric problems. I feel burning sensation in my stomach and the back of my throat from time to time. This mostly occurs after eating something. However I couldn't determine what kind of food causes this. I assure that the type of oil used in those products is the main cause. This problem goes away by using an anti-acid product such as Rennie.

Some mornings, I have a strange feeling in my stomach. This happens just after waking up and continues till midday if I don't take medications. And if I don't take medications, it really worsens each hour and makes me unproductive. This is not like nausea. It is mostly like a stomachache but gives me the sensation of throwing up. Interesting thing is there is no reflux, just stomachache. Also this is much worse than the reflux I described above. Classic anti-acid medications don't give relief so I need to use much effective medications such as Nexium. The feeling goes away after 30 minutes when I use medication.

My main concern is the connection of these problems with IBS. I think that I also have IBS from what I read and experience on a daily basis because of several life situations. IBS is much worse than these problems as one can't guess when an IBS attack will happen. It is also incurable so IBS is my nightmare. Can these problems have a connection with IBS? Or are these symptoms/causes of IBS? My family also has a history of gastric health issues such as stomach and pancreas cancer and my father also has GERD so this really makes me anxious. Thanks in advance.

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Have you seen a doctor? IBS is a condition of constipation and diaherra. GERD can also happen but is often a separate issue. Stress can have an effect on your body, so use relaxing techniques and stay positive.
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I was diagnosed with both IBS and Gerd. I've suffered with this for 18 years. My eating habits were horrible and my exercise level was low. After eating better and exercising I now have zero IBS symptoms
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