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GERD and excess throat mucous?

How do I deal with excessive and constant thick mucous in the back of my throat which seems to be a symptom of my GERD? I had it on and off for about 15 months and for the past 2 months it has not dissipated. I am on Protonix, I do not smoke, I gave up coffee and many acid producing foods. The mucous is too thick to swallow and I many times get sick when I am coughing to expel it, which is probably injuring my esophagus even further.
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Hi...sounds like u may have post nasal drip.

See an ENT dr and try a netti pot......do u have a cough with it as well?

I am having this same issue right now, and I know how bad it is ....feels like u can't breathe.

Please get checked by ur dr .

Of course avoid all those lovely things that add to the mucus build up..dairy, OJ,chocolate.....and much more : )

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Are you sleeping with the head of your bed elevated?  If not, this could indeed be the result of nasal passages irritated by stomach acid (the mucous actually protects you!)I'm finally taking this stuff seriously -- my chronic cough has been compounded by chronic sinusitis, with lots of mucous.  I find that chicken soup actually does work to break it up (although it comes back. . .).  Good luck.
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GERD is more likely the culprit. My husband has had a PEG since 6/2017. The phlegm since then has been almost debilitating. He sometimes spends three hours coughing and spitting thick mucous. He can't swallow because he might aspirate so it creates a major problem. No one has ever really dealt with it. We are headed to the Gastroenterologist this month to make some medicine adjustments and/or any other changes necessary to stop this. The ENT said that Ranitidine, which he has taken for 5 years and does forestall heartburn, often stops working effectively after a while.
Hope you find an answer. If we do, I will try to find this post again and update you.
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