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GERD and exertion chest pains

I found out two months ago that I have GERD. I've been avoiding the foods that cause pain, and I've been fine. But today I went to a memorial day service and since I'm in the band, I had to stand still for an hour in jeans, two layers of shirts, in 85-90 degree weather. Halfway through the service, I got such bad pressure on my chest, it felt like someone had laid a brick on me. I found that I was taking shorter breaths than I should have, so I eventually asked if I could sit down, I drank some water, and five minutes later I felt fine and the pressure was gone. I read that this is a sign of Angina? I have a lot of heart problems from my moms side of the family- my grandpa has diabetes and a weak heart. He got a pacemaker a year ago. I just want to know what this pain was, and if Gerd alone can cause it.
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Hi GERD can cause many symptoms and pains similar to other issues including the heart.With a family history, u should see ur dr and rule it out.

Good luck and do post an update : )

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