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GERD and pregnancy

hello everyone. i am 22 years old and have been diagnosed with GERD four years back. i am on medications and rarely have symptoms. i am considering a pregnancy. i have heard that it my worsen the GERD and medications are not recommended. should i be scared?
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  Hi...I have had GERD long b4 I got pregnant with my DD and I was ok....I got thru it and u can too.

  I kept packs of dry crackers with me when I had my nausea which was the pregnancy....but, it also helped with the GERD/reflux too.

  I elevated the head of my bed, which in later months of being pregnant helps as it is hard to lie flat with a big tummy.
And it also helps the GERD issues......

Avoid the foods u know r ur triggers, and keep a journal as they may change once u r pregnant.

  Try to step off ur meds slowly with the aid of ur Dr.....tell him that u want to become pregnant and it is best to not be on these meds for too long.

Diet and exercise...can help u with GERD...also knowing what ur root cause is...I have a hiatal hernia...that is my root as well as a few other medical issues...but know what urs r and u can deal with these with modifying diet and lifestyle.

  Good luck : )


PS- keep us posted
1864902 tn?1320113573
thank you!
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