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GERD and thrush or gallbladder-any relation?

    I've been suffering from reflux for a few years now.  I had an endoscopy done in February and was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia and GERD.  Even though, my symptoms more match LPR, I've never gotten heartburn from this.  I get a pressure and sometimes pain in my chest and I can feeling the acid coming up my esophagus and throat.  But never in a burning sensation, it just feels like a bunch of bubbles with some liquid, as if someone opened up a can of soda in my tummy and it's fizzing up my chest. I also have a chronic cough and like a phlemy build up.  I am on 40mg on protonix daily and this has helped.  
    However I recently had my gallbladder out 1 week ago today(it was only functioning at 19%)  and about 3 nights ago my reflux came back, but only at night! It wakes me up, I'll take my medicine plus tums and it doesn't help at all, where as before surgery this would get it under control.  The only thing that has relieved it is if I lay flat on my back, or sit up(which stinks b/c it only happens when I sleep) I did try eating just one saltine cracker when it happened last night and it worked! (it's been the only thing that has worked!) I also just developed thrush after my surgery.  My doc said it was probably b/c of the dry mouth w/the pain meds and weakened immune system from surgery.  I feel like I have a million things wrong with me!
   Little quick history- for the last week I have been eating healthy, staying away from absolutely everything that would trigger my reflux.  Also, been making sure I don't eat too close to bed time, and have been eating small meals.  I have lost 20lbs this year in dealing w/gallbladder issues.  So now I weigh 165lbs (I'm 5'7" so I am still just slightly over weight).
   I guess my question is:  Is this horrible new reflux being caused by my thrush, or could it be the gallbladder removal?  I haven't been suffering during the day, just night.(although this morn has been a little rough)  And it seems to be worse on an empty stomach.  Has anyone else had similar issues?  I feel like my body is just falling apart and I'm only 29!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

There are a few possibilities....the thrush could be due to dry mouth, or from being intubated, if during the procedure to place or remove it they scratch the lining of ur esophagus u can develop thrush.

And as for the return of ur GERD issues, it could be the meds u were on for surgery....it could also be the start of H.Pylori, it is not uncommon for some to develop this after a GB removal.

In addition to watching ur diet and how and when u eat....u may want to elevate the head of ur bed to prevent the acids from moving up into ur esophagus.

But do talk to ur Dr about how u feel post op and have testing to rule out some of the possible issues.
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Oh thank you so much!! I have a follow up with my surgeon in a week, but I was on the fence about going back to see my GI doc.  Now I will for sure! (he's the one who suggested getting the gallbladder out, he's a good doc!)  

    I was just reading a question earlier about raising the bed and wondering if that will help! lol I will try it for sure! Again thank you so much!
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  No worries....do post what u find out.

            Good Luck
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