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GERD even when eating bland foods

So i have had my gal bladder removed 2 years ago 7 months after i started to have severe acid reflux for which i had to rely on Omeprazole 20mg, which worked like a charm.

After discontinuing and about 5 months later, i started to have heartburn literally every time i eat which includes salad's and non-acidic foods. i have a discomfort in my chest, my hand aches etc..Oh i am back to 20mg Omeprazole twice a day.

what should be done, any help is appreciated. I had an endoscopy done some time a year ago for the reflux, nothing came out and i am on Omeprazole ever since.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Did your Drs check you for H.Pylori?....2 yrs after my father had his removed he too was experiencing issues like yours and after months of testing and ER visits they found it was H.Pylori and it took several rounds of the meds to get rid of it.
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