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So a month ago i was treated for esophgitis which that was my first heart burn ever, they claimed it was my acid reflux . I recently had my son and while my wife being pregnant before she gave birth ive gain pounds( 200 to 239 currently) , eating junk food everyday, soda juice etc etc. i also was a heavy MMJ smoker which maybe didnt realize about my acid reflux.. Ever since my esophgitis i can remember i was ok after the medication they gave me at the ER which calmed me down. They ran blood work urine test and other test and all came back normal..I do suffer from anxiety but when i over think it gets worse. They gave me famottidine and inflammation medicine to calm my esophgitis and acids. I remember feeling bloated gassyness in my stomach while taking famotidine and i stopped after i felt better. Now the symptoms i have is clearing throat slightly burping out of the blue or after i drink or eat, i do have thick saliva and phlegm( before i use to have excessive saliva),i do have a white coat on my tounge, not much of gas anymore, no nausea or vomit, this coughing started like a week and half ago which hard to tell if its the weather change here in southern california , i am over weight which i think it plays a big part of my acid reflux. Now the changes ive done recently is i cut back on soda juice junk food hardly eat spicy foods, i no longer use Medical marijuana because ive notice my anxiety kicks in and sometimes hard to swallow ( since i was a heavy smoker before never knew my acid reflux has came back) . No lump feeling but sometimes feel tight on my throat.. i drink alot of water (dry mouth) , I recently went to my dr to check up for the follow up they tested me for strep throat it came back negative, my dr has said my tonsils were enlarged which they will be referring me to a ENT to see if to leave them or take em out, i also suffer from pain because my wisdom teeth which i believe is the cause of sore throat and mild headaches because those symptoms come up when they start aching( all 4) . Dr said my throat looks fine. Not sure if im dealing with GERD or LPR because ive brought it up to them they said keep taking medication as i should. Also any tips to calm the acids more. I will be exercising more, i donot have a chronic cough but i notice i cough here and there i dont have fevers at all either , tiredness (alittle) , i do work long hours since i do work two jobs, this saturday im going to dentist to have my wisdom teeth checked out and xrays. My anxiety has calmed down but these throat clearings burpings and cough gets annoying.what can it be acid reflux or gerd/lpr. Thank you for your time...
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Hello. Thanks for the reply. Yes im eating better now no soda no juice no junk food . Water and healthy food that will not cause my acids to go up. This cough is irritatiing though. Which i will follow up with my DR and ask for test to see if i really do have gerd or lpr. I know i do have acid reflux which my symptoms match but as i read through post. I feel like its just the beginning of my acids i just have a cough. Ive been maintaining my throat clearing and burping which i hardly do now. I messed up by having a cup of grape juice yesterday. Thanks again.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Any change to weight be a gain or loss can cause reflux symptoms to flare....certain foods and bevs along with smoking can also trigger symptoms.....

I do not really feel it matters if it is LPR or GERD....treatment is so similar that if you treat it you should begin to feel better.

Eat a healthy diet, exercise ...and use meds your Dr advises are right for you.

Keep a journal to help you find your trigger items....stress is a huge trigger as well so find ways to relax.
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