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GERD or h. prylori Cause Change in Bowel

I am a 30 year old male.  About 4 weeks ago I started experiencing off and on again stomach pain (symptoms appeared to be GERD/ulcer-like pain).  At about the same time I experienced a change in bowel habits.  I had loose stool with mild diarrhea (which comes and goes with normal stool).  This was accompanied by some intestinal bloating and burning.  Can GERD or other stomach ailments change bowel habits?  If I have h. prylori would that alter my bowel, or is it confined to stomach discomfort?  I believe I have GERD or Non-ulcer Stomach Pain, but the symptoms I’ve researched don’t include change in bowel habits.
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GERD and H.pylori do not cause loose stool.
But GERD like symptoms may be associated with functional bowel disease like IBS which can these symptoms.
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