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GERD ?'s And Hello

My name is John. I am stoked to see they have a GERD Forum now. Well on with the questions.

I am a 34 year old male who has been suffering from Acid reflux since I was 16 or so. Dad had it, so did grandpa...you get the point. I have been taking Tumbs for as long as I can remember when that bitter feeling arrives after a nice meal. Yuck :(  

I have recently been researching the whole GERD thing on the net as some other probelms have peeked there head around my corner. Thought I was having a massive heart issue so I went to the Doc who In turn sent me to the cardio Doc. Did the whole Nuke Stress Test, Echocardiogram and Holter Monitor. The Stress test and Echo came back fine, however the holter picked up some PVC's and PAC's. During this time the heart issue came into effect other symptoms have taken place as well. Such as, Sharp shooting pain in my left chest area (Seams around my heart) these dont last long and they go away after a few minutes. Sometimes it feels like something is stuck in my windpipe (Right in the middle of my chest).A Cough that produces good old fashion clear mucas...mmmmm.

I have never been to a Gastro Doc, and only seen my normal old saw bones who recently prescribed me Ranitidine 300mg. I know this is a H2 blocker, but from what I head Proton Pump Inhibiters work much better...I know not of the diffrances between the two.

Anywho, I could ramble on more, but I will keep it at that for now...Anyone have any insight on this so far?

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Hi John...the best advice ne one can give is to see a gastro dr.....see exactly what is going on.
U may have a hiatial hernia....IBS....who knows.....sometimes a gall bladder issue will present as gerd and gerd related.

Please see a gastro dr and let us know how u make out.
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let me share my experience as well. I have been suffering from the same for a very long time.

I have been to a number of gastroenterologists and cardiologists. My heart is fine(but any number of times i thought that i was having a heart attack). But the irony is that a few of my friends died( in all the cases, the Docs thought that these people were having acidity problem and did not check out for other symptoms).

Most important thing:

- Mind and the stomach are very much interlinked. You think too much and worry, it leads to bad sleep.  
-You have a bad sleep, it leads to acidity and it further leads to bad sleep ..its a cycle.  BREAK it(even if it calls for a mild sedative, like Aleprozolam etc.
- Gastroenterologist is the best guy. Have an endoscopy done. it will tell you how is the inside lining.
- There could be H Pylori, the bacteria which causes acidity. have a sample taken and check out. If it is there, they use a combination of antibiotics. It is supposed to kill. It may reoccur a couple of months or years later, it depends.
-There was a time i kept worrying about it and started eating bland diets. I lost weight , but nothing happend. One of the gastro guys told me, (till date has worked for me extrenmely well for last 12 years) ....stop worrying , have your drink or two, have a cigerrete or two (which has been my habbit) and in case the problem is bad, .take Gentac or Omeprozole on a case to case basis.    

If in case the gas is choking you, put a finger in your mouth and try to vomit it out....its the gas that comes out. or try using some soda.

Beleive you me....i had a bad time. now i can eat red peppers..or anything spicy but not too spicy. Coffe doesnt suit me..gives me acidity. Know your body. It helps a great deal.
Start with the Gastro..its very important.  

Take care , best wishes
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wow! its like reading my own life story lol!!!

i too take omeprazole on a case to case basis, been doing so for ten years now since i had my endoscopy - it turns out that because i was bulimic (for 2 years prior to my diagnosis), i destroyed the muscle that keeps the stomach from shooting acid up into the oesophagus, so unless i watch what i eat or drink, it gets really bad!! i found that drinking half a glass of milk before an "acid-inducing" meal really helps.

however lately the pills don't work as effectively as before and the burning sensation is even stronger - i'm so scared that my lining is being eaten away by the acid!

i guess another trip to the gastro dr is in order

it's actually always wise to keep track of such a condition as i read somewhere in another forum that constant erosion of the oesophagus can lead to nasty complications such as cancer!

so whoever has gerd should regularly keep track of it too....
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i have gerd to do any of ya have the air in chest where you burp a lot and chest hurts from it .
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be careful withthat erosion they may get in the esphogus it causes barrets which are precancerous cells, my husband is going thru that now..
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