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GERD throat symptoms

Does GERD make your throat feel like something stuck in it and cause u to have a constant cough?
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  Hi  and welcome to the GERD forum.

Yes, it is possible to have that stuck in the throat sensation due to GERD...one type LPR also known as Silent Reflux is known for the lump in throat....but may not always be accompanied by heart burn hence the name Silent Reflux.

Do see your Dr to see what your issues are so you can begin treatment.

Before seeing your Dr try to modify your diet and lifestyle to help calm down the symptoms as certain foods and stress can trigger symptoms to flare.

Keep us posted on your progress
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What foods trigger silent reflux?
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  The same foods that trigger regular reflux.....so any thing that is acidic, spicy, greasy, for bevs it is caffeine, carbonation and alcohol.

Stress is considered a life style modification we need to try to also look at..as well as smoking if one smokes...

Waiting to lay down at least 3 to 4 hours after eating....

Raise the head of the bed to help keep acids down where they belong.....

We are all different as to what may be our triggers...so keep a journal to help you find all of yours.
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Thx u
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