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I have been experiencing upset stomach for about two weeks now. In addition, belching, dry cough, heartburn especially at night and difficulty breathing. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with GERD.

I have been taking 2000mg of vitamin c everyday for several months. Could have this contributed to the high acidity level in my stomach leading to GERD?
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Yes. I "overdosed" on vitamin C a few years back and, along with a spicy diet and high stress levels, burned the lining of my stomach/esophogus. I had to treat it like an ulcer and patiently wait for it to heal.
When you lay down at night, you are also more vulnerable to acid reflux because you don't have gravity to help keep things down.
While vitamin C is vital for health, and any unnecessary amounts are naturally flushed out of your system, you still run the risk of developing an overly acidic stomach.
I would suggest cutting back on the citrus fruits/supplements until your GERD symptoms subside.

All the best,

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Thank you very much Brittany.. :) I want to know if your ulcers are already healed and how long does it take to heal? Also, is GERD reversible?.. thanks
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My pleasure.
It took about a month and a half for the damage to repair itself. I was careful not to drink alcohol, coffee, spicy foods/herbs or eat too late at night even while pain subsided because I knew my stomach was still quite sensitive and didn't want to risk another flare up.
I eat and drink these foods now with no problem, but I just make sure not to overdo it.
Avoiding stressors (or learning to react to them differently) will really help keep your pH levels balanced as well.
Yes, GERD is curable.
Hope you feel better soon!

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I think I'm starting to panic.. My stomach always feels full and heavy even though I did not eat anything. Also,  the zantac they gave me doesn't quite work. Its like the heartburn is steady throughout the day.. I'm really worried. I think its best that I go to my docotor tomorrow. =(
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Good to go to the doc.   Keep in mind all of your symptoms can be brought on by GERD because the esophagus gets irritated from the stomach acid and swells a bit.  Even though the symptoms are scary, it's usually only a problem if it goes untreated for many weeks or longer.  If you stay on a daily PPI  (Prilosec, Prevacid, Aciphex) for a few weeks you should feel a whole lot better.  Yes, go to the doc, but don't panic.  And cut out the highly acidic foods and vitamin C for a while.  Try apples, even a few slices.  It can help.
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Thanx Brittany and John.. I'm feeling much better already! =)
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