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I feel bloated for a week now. I have been taking ranitidine 150mg 2x a day. It doesn't seem to work. Also, I am not able to breathe properly. I have a history of asthma. Does Gerd and Asthma go hand in hand? Moreover, I just have a feeling of not being well. My rib cage is paining a lot. Please help me..  
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GERD can aggravate Asthma.  

Have you had any scans/imaging done?
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No not yet. What types of exam do I need to do?
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If this is severe, you should be seeking Emergent care.  

I would recommend getting a chest x-ray PA and Lateral and a KUB/ Abdominal x-ray and go from there.  

Not sure if this is a Gallbladder issue or if your GERD symptoms are worsening.  Plus, you have a history of Asthma. Difficult to say what is causing what without imaging.  

I would also consult your physician about changing meds.  Is your reflux worsening as well along with the bloating, ribcage pain and the breathing difficulty?  
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Hi there,

Have you had an Endoscopy before?  You should get a referral to a Gastro Enterologist for a scope and scan of your Gallbladder to check for stones.

You may need a prescription for PPI's i.e. Nexium.  GERD does aggrevate asthma and also chronic cough, throat symptoms, chest/rib/sternum pains, etc.
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You will need to contact your doctor.

Ranitidine/Taladine/Zantac causes pneumonia. (Well, actually it increases your chances to develop it).

Also don't use this if you have high blood pressure, since HBP is due to weak kidney function.
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Are you taking this having asthma?
This is NOT an over the counter medication to be used unless your doctor is aware of your asthma. (And I would question the doctor most thoroughly as to why he would prescribe ANY drug that sets off an asthmatic attack and could potentially kill you).
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A Dr Burk has been making connections of Gerd to Asthma, see

I have Gerd, two prior bouts with kidney stones, Turbinate Hypertrophy, Vagally Mediated Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation, hypertension and neurogenic bladder. All these body parts/maladies are connected to the vagus nerve. I am thinking it is highly likely that my vagus nerve ( or the part of the brainstem to where it is connected) was damaged during a severe whiplash event many years ago.

I have found it best for me to stay away from Ranitidine. It can give some temporary relief, but taking more than one day makes the problem worse.

The sub-sternal rib-cage pain is a classic syptom of GERD.
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  Welcome to the GERD forum.

And thank u for sharing that info , it sounds very interesting.

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