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If anybody is interested in what I have done to treat my GERD/LPR naturally, please respond and I can tell you. I have been finding a lot of relief with my symptoms with what I am doing.
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Hi there,

I read your other post to and I am so happy for you and mighty impressed :)  please share your info on here, for everyone to read - it stays on here FOREVER and in future someone might just stumble across it and get helpful advice and info :)

All the best and keep up the good work!
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I have found relief by using probiotics (read the label, usually 1 to 2 pills) I do not eat anything for at least an hour, to allow the probiotics to sit on an empty stomach. Before I eat breakfast, I take 1 digestive enzyme supplement (Again, read the label because all are different.) After my meal, I take 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey (UMF 16+) You need to have UMF of 16+ or more because that has healing affect. Anything lower is not used for healing, and just maintain health. I repeat the 1 digestive enzyme before lunch and before dinner, and repeat the Manuka Honey after each meal. On an empty stomach, a few hours before bed, I take another probiotic. I make sure that my meals are ALL healthy. I only eat fruits and vegetables, oatmeal and cereal. I try to find healthy cereal such as cheerios and stuff like that. Not as much sugar. I was eating cereal a lot because my throat was inflamed, and it was the only thing that went down easier, but some cereals are really sugary and I would stay away from them. Also, I do not "cheat" on my diet at all. I never have ANY trigger food. Not even if it's a little bit. I noticed that at the beginning of the diet, I would eat some trigger foods, and it really didn't help at all until I cut all of it out.

Other things I follow.
1. I wait 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.
2. I never lay down flat. I elevate the head of my bed by putting books between my matress and box spring.
3. I only eat healthy foods, and stay away from ALL trigger foods. Example: tomatoes, onions, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, acidic drinks or food and etc.
4. I incorporate alkalizing foods such as bananas and melons, as much as possible.
5. I only drink water. I don't even mess with iced teas or juices even if they are "decafe" and not acididc. I felt this was the easiest for me to cut out, so why not....
6. DGL tablets work well for heartburn. I chew on them after meals sometimes.
7. I use apple cider vinegar when I am feeling any heartburn. I use 1 teaspoon in a quarter cup of water.

I found it frustrating because I could not figure out when I'd get any relief. I had an inflamed throat, and it subsided after a few days. It got better (meaning I felt some relief and was able to eat a bit) after a few days. I hear that it takes weeks to get back to normal, and I've found that to be true in my case.

The main symptoms I had were in my throat. I had a lot of LPR symptoms, and have some heartburn. My throat was inflamed. I had post-nasal drip, I had mucus and phlegm, constant burping (like 5 times an hour, and loud truck driver burps.)

I also found this helpful, www.natural-reflux-cure.com. I researched all natural methods and incorporated what I could.

Now I will suggest where I bought my supplements.

1. Probiotics can be bought at, www.swanson.com, or Vitamin Shoppe (or any local health food store.)
2. Digestive Enzymes can be bought at the same places listed above.
3. Manuka Honey can be bought on Amazon. I specifically use Wedderspoon Manuka Honey UMF 16+. It is also found at Wegmans (which is a bit cheaper than I found online.)
4. DGL tablets can be bought at a Vitamin Shoppe and etc.
5. Apple Cider Vinegar can be bought at any grocery store. I know some people prefer Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, but I have found it doesn't make a difference for me.

Keep in mind, I am not a doctor. I have no experience in the medical field or anything of that nature. I found this treatment by researching about the disease or condition thoroughly and kind of incorporating what works for me.

I also kept a food journal which helped me realize what I ate a day or two before when symptoms got worse.
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I should have clarified, I take 1-2 probiotics in the morning before breakfast, then take 1 digestive enzyme before each of my three meals, and then another probiotic before bed. I use probiotics on an empty stomach.
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Also, I want to add I eat eggs and other foods. I am not going to list everything I eat, but I follow a healthy diet.
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HI Baed, thanks for sharing. I read your post. I have to say that if you follow a strict diet void of all trigger foods then that in itself should make the reflix go away. Of course, the goal is to get back to normal living, where everything is allowed in moderation.

Some questions / comments:

1. I have not found any evidence that probiotics improve reflux conditions. In fact, I saw a few posts where people claim it made their condition worse. Can you share where you found information regarding probiotics?

2. Search for digestive enzymes returns 118 hits on vitamin shoppe website. Can you recommend the ones you are taking?

3. DGL tablets say on bottle to take before meals to prevent heartburn. I read somewhere an explicit statement that they are not anti-acid, and will not help an already existing heartburn. However, I saw a few people post that they take them successfully after meals.

4. My main problem is also my throat, but it is not inflamed. I feel almost like a lump in the throat that comes and goes, and mucus is bothering me on some days. My symptoms are typically absent in the morning, and start  in the afternoon.

5. Do you smoke or drink any alcohol?

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Everyone's condition is different. Everyone's body is different. Something may work for one, but may not work for another. Don't pay too close attention to these boards because a lot of people are complaining about heartburn, but don't realize it may not be the probiotic, and may be something else they are eating. For example, I was taking digestive enzymes with milk products in it. It was making my condition worse. It wasn't the digestive enzymes, it was the milk product in the enzymes. It's about finding what works for your body. I have noticed that on two separate occasions, I have gone without my probiotics, and I get heartburn instantly.

I will post what I use, and where I buy it along with the links. All of it can be found online.

I do not smoke or drink. Ever.

The main point is to get your heartburn/reflux under control completely, and then get back into a normal lifestyle. I have started incorporating "trigger" foods again, and am feeling fine. The idea is to get these supplements into your system, while healing your system and then adding these "trigger" foods into your diet.

I am NOT a doctor. But, I have spent hours researching this illness, and this is what I have come up with.

Probiotics seem to work because think about it like this, GERD/REFLUX is in simple terms, your system is not breaking down food properly and digesting it. It is not exiting, but refluxing upwards. Probiotics balances out all of your GI system and regulates your GI system. It restores all of the healthy bacteria your stomach needs to digest food and keep your system healthy.

Digestive Enzymes help break down food. It's that simple. Reflux can occur because your body has a hard time breaking down and digesting food. Some people have a harder time digesting food, and it can takes hours and hours for it to digest completely. This can cause acid reflux. The enzymes just help that process.

I cannot recall where I found all of this information. Again, this was thoroughly researched. I did not want to take PPI's for the rest of my life, or even temporarily. I didn't feel as if they were a CURE to the problem. They would just mask symptoms, and then COME BACK. I wanted something that I could safely incorporate into my everyday regime, potentially forever, that would not cause harm. That is why I chose natural supplements.

The two supplements I have found a major difference with is probiotics and digestive enzymes. Both are really cheap, all natural and worth a try. But, do not forget to change your diet completely. Remember, natural supplements help, but they are not drugs. This is not like the Larry the Cable guy commercial where you can eat a burger and pop a pill. This is to help change your lifestyle and help your body recover. But, you must change your diet along with this for at least a month or two until the supplements work themselves into your system. Do not take the supplements for 2 weeks, and then stop. It is not a DRUG. These supplements need at least a month to work themselves into your system, but you'll see improvement along the way. Remember that drugs such as PPI have the same ingredients as digestive enzymes, probiotics and supplements, but they are only made in a synthetic version. If you research this, it all makes sense.

Also, before bed, I take Manuka Honey to coat my throat and stomach lining. This has  made a big difference. Manuka honey also helps in inflammation, which was a big problem for me. Research all the testimonials on Manuka Honey. It's amazing.

DGL should be taken before meals. This is the one supplement I never religiously took. I took it when I wanted to or "remembered." I found a lot of relief with the other supplements that I didn't feel the need to incorporate this all the time. I take this when I feel slight heartburn. it's supposed to coat your stomach lining and you throat.

This is the exact supplements I take:

Digestive Enzymes: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=VS-2587#.Ujy-4knD9jo  (I read somewhere that plant based is always better, because sometimes people are sensitive to wheat, gluten and milk and don't even realize it. Like I was, I was taking an enzyme with milk products in it until I realized milk products were a trigger for me.)



Manuka Honey:

http://www.amazon.com/Wedderspoon-Manuka-Honey-Active-17-6-Ounce/dp/B000VK08OC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379712896&sr=8-1&keywords=manuka+honey (You can also find this at Wegmans for about 32 dollars. Whole Foods also sells it, but I think it's more expensive there. I have ordered it from Amazon though also.)

DGL: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=VS-2510#.Ujy_xEnD9jo (Chew SLOWLY and let it sit in your mouth. Saliva activates it.)

Any other questions, let me know!
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I'm glad the regimen you recommend works for you, and glad you gave us the Caveat it won't work for everyone.

There are many causes for GERD.  In my case, I had a mechanical failure of the LES valve due to a difficult situation with a bowel obstruction that caused explosive vomiting.  In a very short period of time, I developed Barrett's Esophagus, my vocal chords burned from acid and my teeth started turning black as stomach acid ate the enamel.  I could have taken 'natural' supplements and PPI's until the cows came home but surgery was the only option, and highly successful.  I tried both before surgery.  My sister studied medicine in China for five years and is registered in this country to prescribe Chinese herbs, etc, and also is a licensed acupuncturist, she worked with me.  I tried PPI's, they were more effective, but it was a temporary thing.  There are no answers, just questions that we can sort out and find our own solutions.

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Yes, I want to highlight that what I did may not work for everyone. I have known of a lot of blogs and posts though where people followed similar regimes and it worked for them. As you said, it's different for everyone. I strongly believe my reflux developed by my horrible diet, over-eating and eating fast. I hope you feel better!
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Manuka honey can also cure ear infection
Ear infections can be caused
by inflammation of the ears normally caused by the bacteria Staph Aureus but
thankfully manuka honey when applied on them can kill of the Staph Aureus
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After doing hours and hours of research, this is probably the most informative post I have found, so THANK YOU, Baed!

Question: I have seen conflicting comments about fiber. In your opinion/research, does fiber help LPR or hurt it? Part of me thinks that is what caused it as I started taking lots of flax seed and chia seed prior to the LPR event.
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Thank you so much Baed! I am going to try all of these sugestions. This LPR is so debilitating. My throat is always sore and it is so hard to swallow. That in itself causes anxiety and then i am back to square one. PPIs don't seem to help, they actually make me feel worse. The ENTs just seem to all want to give you these....thanks again! BlixChick
in my case I have pseudomonas aeruginosa and drs never check for this .it creates a biofilm in the gut causing severe digestive disorders .just as other mycotoxins do .it causes drs to overlook gut problems as they are written off to candida overgrowth .these microscopic bacteria mimmick candida infection and can actually cause candida overgrowth .there are fungal infections such as rhizopus  and others that also mimic candida and cause an imbalance in the gut but standard drs do not routinely search for these things so if you suffer from gut issues you cannot seem to find an answer to .you may want to have some testing done.you might want to go outside traditional medicine .you will get more help and access to testing your gp wont offer.
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Hi Baed
I am suffering from this and would love to hear your suggestions
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