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Gallbladder or Acid Reflux?

In May, 2010 I admitted myself to the ER due to a severe case of diarrea and found out I had a few gallbladder polyps from an ultrasound. But due to no insurance I never followed up with a doctor.

I felt great afterward until early october when I began having burning like pains in my upper abdominal area, hunger pains, heartburn, more fequent bowel movements with excessive gas. I was given prevacid for 4 weeks and been tested for the H. Pylori virus via urea breath test which was negative. My CT scan was normal except for a few small kidney stones and my ultrasound again revealed the same 3-4mm size gallbladder polyps.

My doctor said I should have my gallbladder removed and referred me to a general surgeon. Since my polyps has not increased in size in 7 months I am worried weather removing my gallbladder is the right move since there no gallstones. Should I wait and further test for GERD or gastritis?

The good new is that in the last two weeks i felt much better and gained some of my weight back.
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Gallbladder removal is done if the polyps are multiple or if the size is more than 10 mm or if there are gallstones causing pain.
As far as GERD is concerned continue taking prevacid if you find relief with that medication.
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Thank you for your response. According to the report my gallbladder is physiologically distended. Several echogenic foci are adherent to the gallbladder wall. These measure 3 to 4 mm in diameter and are consistent with small polyps.

Impression was small gallbladder wall polyps without associated ductal dilatation, wall thickening or pericholecystic fluid collections... otherwise unremarkable abdominal ultrasound.

Truthfully, when I press down toward my upper stomach just underneath my rib cage in the middle, I almost gag. Maybe this is the sign? Yesterday I had heartburn that lasted almost all day that reached into my throat. This is where i'm not sure weather gallbladder can have the same symptoms such as acid reflux,
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