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Gas Bubbles

All day i have had a burning sensation in my throat and it feels like gas bubbles are rising up my throat. i can burp but then it hurts more? does anyone know what this could be or how to stop it! to me it feels like heartburn in my throat. thnaks,
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Hi Tea and welcome to the GERD forum.

It sounds like u have reflux.A GI dr is the best way to know exactly what is going on.
U may want to try OTC meds like prilosec until u see the dr, but speak with the pharmacist he can make a suggestion and always follow the directions...these meds take a while to take effect.

And u should also try to avoid certain foods and make some lifestyle changes...this info is included in our Health Pages here on MedHelp.

Please continue to ask questions and please post updates on ur progress.

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