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Gastrinology HELP!!!

I am 30 years old with one child, almost 2 years now. When I was pregnant I got huge. I also suffered from acid reflux terribly the entire time. I lost all the weight and I am now very healthy with a BMI of 24. I don't have the relux the way I did when I was pregnant, but some times heartburn, sometimes food is hard to swallow especially breads and steak. Seems worse when under stress. I had an upper endoscopy done a year ago which all came back normal. They said my esophagus was fine and did not need stretched. No ulcers, etc. Also, had a biopsy to get tested for siliac disease, which was also normal. Another issue is my Xiphoid Process- it is usually sore to touch and sticks out a little. the Dr. said this can happen after rib cage expands in pregnancy.

Current symptoms: Xiphoid Process is sore, belching, very gassy, abdomin sore to touch about 2 inches above belly button, muscles feel squishy (not sure if this is the separation that occurred during pregnancy or a hernia?) I am also a fitness instructor and do lots of ab work. It's not a lump or bump or hard, but sore, it's weird. Is this all related and what could be going on?
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