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GastroEsophageal Reflux

My fiancee has been having issues with Reflux, throat burning and pain, bloating. He took Prilosec for over four/five months. Initially the symptoms appeared to alleviate but they seemed to get worse. He decided to stop using and he indicated that his symptoms felt worse on Prilosec. He has been taking Mylanta and some over the counter antiacids- but they only have mild to moderate effects on his symptoms. He has lost weight and his appetite is decreasing. Everyday he is complaining about his throat burning... I am concerned about more serious underlying medical conditions. He is a very healthy guy (for the 10 years that I have known him), he has never been sick. Concerned.... Please help or suggestions...
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Loss of weight and loss of appetite are not features of acid reflux disease.
An upper GI endoscopy has to be done to look for other lesions that could be causing these symptoms.
He can continue taking prilosec for heartburn.
Consult a gastroenterologist for the test.
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