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Gerd = tongue problem?

Hi everyone.  I am having some issues with my tongue not coordinating correctly with my soft palate when swallowing.  I have had a swallow test, neuro exam, ENT exam, speech therapist exam all with normal results.   I do have a history of bad GERD and the ENT said I have some throat irritation from it.  

Has anyone had their GERD affect their tongue?  I am scared to death of ALS right now, and am looking for some simple answers.   Thanks.
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Hi  and  welcome  to the  GERD  forum,

  If  you  had  a neuro  exam why are  you  still concerned  about  ALS? Do  you  have  a family  history?

I  never  had this  issue with GERD  but  we  are  all  different  and sometimes  how  stressed  we  get  can  add  to what is  going  on  as  well....try  to  relax  and  take  meds  as  directed  and avoid  foods  that  trigger  your  symptoms,
Keep  us  posted  on  your  progress.
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In my experience, i find it hard to move food and fluid towards the back of my mouth.
It's like my tongue has forgotten what to do.
It feels like food gets stuck in my throat too.

The only test that showed up my problem was a modified barium swallow. I have some muscle weakening.
This is one thing that can certainly affect the tongues function.

I am now doing muscle strengthening exercises with a speech pathologist who specializes in swallowing.
I think there is a little improvement from the exercises.
Eating and drinking in a calmer environment with little distraction and less stress helps me a little too.

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Karly-  did they say your issue was caused by GERD or something else?  It has now been 2 1/2 months of this issue and although it seems to improve slightly some days, it doesn't go all the way away.  I have noticed a decrease in my GERD symptoms since switching my aciphex to time it with my lunch.  I no longer wake up with gas pains.

Thanks for your reply...
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