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Gerd and Constant Nausea

Since August 2009 I have noticed a drastic change in my digestion.  Heartburn and  a feeling of acid liquid in my throat and “background” nausea, this is I feel nauseated but I don't vomit.  The heartburn is sometimes controlled by antacids such as Protonix and Acifed, but they also causes explosive diarrhea.  After months and tests such  Cat Scan, ultrasound, blood tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy and stool test, the only findings are gastritis, esophagitis and some inflammation of the colon.  The nausea is installed in my system and rarely leaves me.  Does anybody there feels the same, I am very depressed and worried they can't find the real reason for feeling soooo lousy
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Nausea is one of the symptoms of GERD.
Nausea can also occur with medications like PPI.
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