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Gerd symptoms - hoarse voice

I have had GERD all my life (70+) and have been taking GERD medicines a long time.  I have had a chronic cough that has interfered with my choir singing so my dr had prescribed asthma meds for years.  

A few years ago I was in the hospital for a Pulmonary Embolism and have had a hoarse voice ever since then. I went to a lung Dr and he said I Did NOT have asthma – eventually it was pointed to the Gerd that I have always had.

Recently I was taking Pantoprazole – 40mg  twice a day and then took a test that monitored to see if any acid was coming up.  They had me stay on the Meds during the 2 day test.  My stomach was so neutral that no acid came up even though I was burping fluids.

If I am still burping, but no ACID is coming up – does that mean that my vocal cords are not being irritated by acid?  I still have a very hoarse voice.  Will ANY fluids that I burp up irritate my vocal chords?
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