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Gerd symptoms

  I have a problem recently with excess saliva and swallowing.  I feel like I have to swallow often almost nonstop. This problem sometimes doesn`t bother me as much when lying down.   I went to throat doctor with no problems.  Also I had an endoscope 2 weeks ago and was diagnosed with mild "GERD."  Would this cause this problem??  
I also have moderate Ulcerative Colitis(don`t think it`s related) I`m taking Asacol and it`s not too bad now.
I live in Japan and while my care is excellent, it`s sometimes difficult to talk to my doctor.   I`m taking Rabeprazole 10mg but the recommended dosage is 20mg in the US.  I`m tall and weigh more than the average Japanese person, though I`m not fat.  I`ve been taking it for about 3 weeks and I still have the saliva problem but it seems a little better.

  I also have allergies and am wondering if I should see an allergist about this problem, the saliva.  
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  The excess saliva can be a symptom of GERD...and once u get that under control this may ease up for u.....

Have u modified ur diet and lifestyle as well as taking the meds?...How long have u been on the meds?

Keep a journal of what u eat and drink to see if there is any change in amount of  saliva with certain foods u eat....

  Try to avoid the foods that will cause GERD to flare....see the Health Pages here for a list of foods to avoid and tips on lifestyle changes that can aid the meds to work.....http://www.medhelp.org/gerd/articles/What-is-Heartburn/247


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The excess saliva is probably related to GERD though other conditions as well can cause this.  

How long have you been taking the AcipHex/Rabeprazole? Taking any other meds?  Any other medical conditions?

Have you done diet modifications in regards to the GERD?

I wouldn't recommend consulting an Allergist at this time.  

You can always reconsult your physician if you are NOT getting relief from the 10 mg, however, make sure you have been taking the 10 mg for about a month and doing diet modifications prior.  

Not sure what you mean by "It's sometimes difficult to talk to my physician."  
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  I haven`t really modfied my diet.  I hardly ever fried food.  I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I go to the gym almost every day.  I really don`t have a lot of gerd symptoms..just belching sometimes. I been taking medication for about 3 weeks.   I also have mild colitis.

It`s difficult to talk to my physician because I live in Japan and he doesn`t speak much English.
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  Take a look at the Health pages here for tips on foods that are safe and foods to avoid...and even lifestyle tips like raising the head of ur bed......(Health pages are located at the bottom of this page...scroll down)

Not everyone has the typical GERD symptoms, but the burping, and excess saliva are indications something is going on.

How long have u had the colitis?

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