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Getting off of Omeprazole

I am having all kinds of health problems.  I know these problems are because of taking Omeprazole for 16 years.  I need to know exactly how I can get off of this drug once and for all.

Thank you,
Nadine mcCracken

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Getting off a med like this can take time as you have been on it for some time.....but stepping down slowly to help prevent the rebound effect which can happen....

The meds are stopping acids from being produced which can case the reflux and GERD symptoms...when the med is stopped the acids will start to be produced again and sometimes more then we need so the symptoms can be overwhelming.

Slowly cut back on the meds and stay on that for a time and when you feel ok, step it back a little more...doing this a little at a time...will make this process easier...that does not mean you will not experience some symptoms....so watch your diet during this time...and make sure you remain active and exercise to help your body adjust....also talk to your Dr about your plans and allow him/her to help you step off these meds.
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